Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or TREAT

Do you get a trick or treat from your workout?

1. Recent research by Maganaris has highlighted how 'traditional current' training has a 'stress shielding' effect on your tendons.
a.) What this means is that as the workload you achieve with your training is transferred to your muscles - your tendons don't receive uniform loading.
b.) Remember the goal is to achieve total uniform stimulation across any tissue to ensure the WHOLE area is strong.
c.) In this instance only parts of your tendon achieve stimulation
d.) and you never know which parts either!
e.) This leads to all number of injuries ranging from "little knicks and crooks" you feel around muscle and bone insertions (that you probably just put down to being 'by-product's" of training - through to inflammed tendons, and even tearing tendons

This is a NASTY trick, from current training methods

2. Pineapple - with its unique BIO-OSCILLATION technology
a.) Activates & amplifies Optimum cell function
b.) meaning it completely stimulates the tendons mentioned above
c.) Hence - why everyone Pineapple training says they feel the "clean, enjoyable sensation" as they train

This is your body receiving a TREAT. Working in optimum unison with its function.

Happy Halloween!
Beware the Ghouls


Thursday, October 30, 2008


"Half way up or half-way down" "Half full or half empty"

What's your view?

1. When you exercise- you can only voluntarily recruit about 50% of your muscle fibers
a.) Up your half up/down - full/empty

2. Proper training - can teach you to recruit more
a.) But this is still limited to perhaps @ 70% of your muscle fibers
b.) and requires increasing expertise

3. Your body has series of mechanisms that limit its voluntary action

4. Pineapple and BIO-OSCILLATION activates and amplifies optimum cell function
a.) it allows for sub-conscious recruitment of more muscle fiber
b.) It allows for the opportunity of 100%

Forget Half - Be at the TOP or be FULL

5. As a close - here's an interesting quote to ponder (as our theme today is half)
“There are only about a half dozen things that make 80% of the difference in any area of our lives.”

Are you JUICING with Pineapple?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have just been reading a study that highlighted when people were given a choice of low-fat food or regular food they ate 32% more of the low-fat offering!

This is bad choice, as these low-fat choices are full of artificial substances and unnatural sugars that actually signal your body to store fat!
I am amazed at how the "low-fat" sticker helps encourage greater consumption. So perhaps I should market Pineapple as "Low-Fat fitness"
Remember it is the nutrient-density that is the critical element for success with your eating habit

Similarly it is the Quality/Density/recovery - summized as "broaching your Volume Threshold" that's the key success factor in training results.

PINEAPPLE IS LOW-FAT! (and super nutrient dense!)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What's your favorite toy?

1. Ponder that while you read this quote
"your past and your future belong solely to you - whether you take responsibility for them or not"

2. favorite TOY...

3. YOU! Your own fit & healthy body

4. Enjoying squatting, twisting, pushing, pulling, lunging
a.) In all and any manner of activities

5. Playing with your children, parents, friends, animals

6. Impervious to any 'economic challenges' - you (the greatest toy on the planet) is free

7. Are you enjoying life. Are you getting optimum lifestyle with amazing fun with your treasured toys.



Monday, October 27, 2008


"Ranking of Power" - what is your hierarchy?

My Pineapple twist - is there are 3 levels of hierarchy in life - and you can relate these back to any circumstance in your lifestyle and how much 'power' you enjoy

1. (Top) - Initiate
2. Respond
3. React (bottom)

a.) Any scenario where you initiate (means you are top of the hierarchy.) You have complete control and power over the situation. There is nothing more powerful than that

b.) Responding - means you are making a proactive action in relation to (responding) to the initiative unveiled.
This is strong and proactive

c.) Reaction - places you firmly at the bottom of hierarchy - you are at the beckon of the initiative - and being forced into a means (reaction)

How is your training?

Do you initiate all the stimulus in your body to achieve optimum result
Do you respond to the situation or stimulation
Do you react to the command of the stimulation.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Horsing About

Enjoyed a fabulous day at the Breeders Cup yesterday at the beautiful Santa Anita. (

1. Fascinating watching the interaction of Horse, Jockey and the surrounding environment (track, crowd, weather)
a.) The 'communication' across all these media to define the result (and the joy/glee or dispair of the punters!)
b.)The Dynamic systems working across the muscular network of the horse
c.) The co-ordination, balance and management of the jockey
d.) The response of the track surface
e.) The energy from the crowd and weather

2. Just helps illustrate the amazing intertwined nature of life.

3. Are you appreciating the incredible out and in-reach surrounding you when you train.
a.) The interaction from all media to your dynamic systems
b.) The opportunity for cell stimulation
c.) The potential to activate and amplify optimum cell function


Friday, October 24, 2008


H2O, Agua, Aqua!

1. I'm sure alot of you have seen the work by Masuru Emoto and water structure - wonderful work he has unlocked.

2. Today - I found a study that has just been completed regarding weight loss and water.
a.) 2 identical protocols except one group drank more water.
b.) Result - The group drinking more water lost more bodyfat & weight!

3. The Bottom line of why this happened - is because it allowed the cells in the body to operate correctly
a.) Water is an essential component - hence an important medium for your body to correctly operate
b.) 60%+ of our body is water! In fact 70%+of our brain is water, 90%+ of our lungs!

4. It's all about your cells.
a.) It's all about giving them the opportunity to operate correctly
b.) This feels like you "UNLOCK" yourself
c.) And reap incredible, amazing results with just subtle action

That's how we JUICE at Pineapple

Activate & amplify cells to optimum function


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Training, in fact Lifestyle is like a Library.

Building your personal Library you due-diligently continue to add books - that then provide you with the satisfaction and enjoyment that at any moment in time you can pick one up and read or refer to it.

Training is the same - you accumulate fitness, health and skills - that at any point in time you can refer to for fun and enjoyment.

1. Acquiring a "Book" requires effort
a.) In the training analogy - acquiring a book requires the effort to broach your THRESHOLD INTENSITY!

2. It's then really fun and enjoyable once it's in your Library

Do you have a magnificent 'library' and the option of a fantastic lifestyle - that lets you enjoy any activity (ie. books!)
do you have a very limited number of books - that limit your imagination, fun and reduce any inspiration to galvanize you to further echelon's?

Build an amazing Library and enjoy the magnificence of optimum lifestyle

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Everytime i hear or see the word goal - I get a vision of the South American Soccer commentators as they scream in delight at a goal being scored.
1. Goals are important
2. Goals are exciting

(PS - it's Champion League today - for those into European Soccer - so I'm certainly hoping my team scores lots of goals today!)

In training sense the goal is tO create an adaptation that gets you the result you want

The critical factors for this
THRESHOLD - It must be broached to gain benefit

Are you achieving threshold intensities that will ensure you enjoy the success of your Goals.

Remember the body needs to be provoked to the threshold intensity, it's not merely cumulative. Arithmetic equivalent is never the same as biological equivalence - as we are a wonderful DYNAMIC SYSTEM (not a machine)


Monday, October 20, 2008


Not in the gambling sense! I'm talking about over-stimulation and under-stimulation (which probably still leaves you confused!)

1. In a majority of ways we are 'over-stimulated' (eg. too much info) - and 'under-stimulated' (eg. not achieving greater response or results)

2. I believe enormous amounts of training fall into this category.
a.) Too much volume of training - eg. training for far too long, too many reps, sets ...
b.) Very little result and response in response

3. Success is life - success in training is centered on achieving "threshold intensity'
a.) Getting stimulated that forces the body into a positive adaptation
b.) The stimulus must be high quality - extending beyond what you have experienced before
c.) The length of it is not the key. Achieving the "Threshold" is the key factor.

Following on the from yesterday - a tertiary nature of Pineapple philosophy is "threshold intensity" training
4. Stimulus that gets you results, and not fatigue
5. Stimulus that excites and energizes you, not drains you.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've been at the World Fitness Golf Summit this week-end - wonderfully organized by Titleist ( who are creating a fantastic umbrella organisation to optimize fitness into Golf.

Interacting with many incredible and talented fitness and gold professionals - a strong common thread is the use of defined principles.

"As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pineapple is a comfortable, ultra-effective patented technology that amplifies positive reactions in your body. The Pineapple platform oscillates in a unique way to effect amazing mind, body and spirit response - "Bio-Oscillation"

Pineapple principles:
1. Functional
2. Safe
3. Comfortable
4. Effective and Efficient

BETTER, FASTER, SAFER training results

To Optimize your Life(style)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

De-bunking Myths

Read a fabulous research abstract today

2. Completely debunks the myth surrounding fat-loss training (and the low-intensity nonsense)

3. In a nutshell - the study looked at intensity of training and fat-loss specifically around your mid-section

4. The high-intensity group was the only one that showed significant fat loss

5. if you want to lose fat, the answer is high-intensity training (that stimulates metabolic and other hormonal changes in your body)

6. Pineapple is not only high-intensity, but LOW-IMPACT

7. Feel and look INCREDIBLE


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Phil' PILL

Enjoyed a fabulous night of Philantropy last night - hence "Phil Pill"

1. Many thanks to all who shared and created a magnificent event - the 2'nd Annual Hurley Art Chest
a.) see:
b.) in aid of Breast Cancer
c.) all those who want to see what I "won" at the auction - come down the Pineapple Orchard, where it's going to be on display

Reach out - make a philantropic gesture today
Action something to promote the greater well-being of all beings around you.

We're lining up some regular "Phil Pill's" at the Orchard


Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

I delighted in a live NFL game yesterday. (Chargers defeating the Patriots)

This morning - across the US - the inevitable "monday morning quarterback" stories resound.

Remember no-one/no thing is an island (even the island's aren't islands!) - so whatever 'process' or decision or action that there will be many 'discussions' about - remember it certainly isn't in isolation.

The catch that was dropped could have happened for multitude of reasons - not just the final act of the drop!

My point - is that WE (alas the whole galaxy) is a Dynamic System - nothing is an occurrence in isolation.

Some level of reaction occurs to every action

What are your actions this week? What is the result going to be at any given future "Sunday's"

Are you going to Juice-Up

Friday, October 10, 2008


There is no excellence without discomfort.

1. This has nothing to do with "no pain, no gain"
a.) Pain is a signal of something being very dramatically wrong
b.) Any scenario involving pain, you want to rescue immediately

2. Discomfort!
a.) Well that's the seed to excellence
b.) That's the area outside of your normal comfort
c.) The area where threshold's get stimulated to take you to higher echelon's

3. Rejoice with discomfort, knowing its on the pathway to excellence

4. Training results are based on you achieving a threshold intensity to stimulate adaptive change in yourself.
a.) Come and Juice-Up to achieve the optimum action

5. For those intertwined in the current financial challenge
a.) Today's markets are the discomfort that will reap excellence in future.
b.) For those in 'pain' - first define if it really is pain or discomfort.
c.) If it truly is pain. Create an immediate rescue solution,
d.) Then a 'go-forward" action plan


Thursday, October 9, 2008


“the Iron ore feels itself needlessly tortured as it goes through the furnace.
The tempered blade looks back and knows better”

Are you Juicing? Are you enjoying the furnace. Do you understand how you will look back with that knowing gleam and nod that it was 'oh so worth it'

Are you looking forward to 22'nd century style Leisure and Lifestyle

Get back in the furnace. Seek the opportunity that's going to elevate you to another echelon


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


In times like these people refer to “lucky” people.

I think luck is a paradox – certainly there are events that occur that are huge exceptions – but that’s exactly what they are exceptions. I think the choice of action is ‘effort’ – which can ensure guaranteed return. (The biggest key is optimum return on your effort – exactly what we practice at Pineapple Fitness)

I recall a conversation I had when I was part of the World Cup South Africa Rugby team with a South African Sports-legend, the golfer Gary Player. He recounts the number of times people would refer to some of his shots that were “lucky” eg. when he holed out from a bunker etc… He very pointedly made the point that his “luck” was a direct correlation with the hours he would dedicate on his practice sessions!

Yes – ‘luck’ may occur – but it is not something we can choose. Effort we can choose and can also make direct correlation to its benefits.

Are you choosing to be fit and healthy? Are you choosing the most effective and efficient workout’s possible to optimize your effort, and realize the lifestyle you want.
Juice Up

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cash is King, Health is Emperor!

In these continuing tumultuous times - lessons become more glaring and impacting.

1. A foundation to the current challenges on the Financial markets is cash.
a.) Either the lack of it, and the subsequent lack of confidence by institutions to lend
b.) Or the sumptuous of it, and the skillful purchase of stock/equity at very low cost to reap vast opportunity of reward

2. Warren Buffett is in the latter, and is further enhancing his status as the world's richest man - with his adept and skillful purchase of current stocks - eg. his $5 billion+ purchase of Goldman Sachs stock - which i'm sure will reap huge return in the future.

So Cash is KING!

Beautifully, Health is EMPEROR
3. The foundation to total enjoyment of anyone's lifestyle is a bedrock of Health.

4. Are you seeing the lesson in today's Financial challenges, that also mirror into your Lifestyle
a.) And the simple solution attributed to a wonderful health

5. It takes a more long-term view (just like actually saving some cash) - but reaps endless reward.

6. Think of each quality training session, as a savings account with compound interest.
a.) It seems a little intimidating at first, but very quickly the results (savings) amount, and you have a fabulous and sturdy solution to handle all challenges.

7. Your health & fitness is your CORE to an optimum lifestyle.

8. Rejoice with the lesson, and bound onwards to the oasis of fun, happiness and success in the near future

Start quality training NOW.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hoi-Hoi! We start the week with more talk and fear of Woe on the Financial Markets.

1. I re-iterate what I shared last week
If you think things are bad. Imagine what they’re going to be like if you’re not in your best shape!"

2. Now is a beautiful time.
a.) A time to stimulate profound change in your lifestyle
b.) A time to grasp realness
c.) A time to seize the opportunity that arises
d.) A time to galvanize forward
e.) A time to craft your platform
f.) A time to steel yourself to leverage dynamically in the future

3. The "CORE" to all this is your health & fitness

4. Real "CORE" - not just mid-section (over-phrased core) - but your true core - your spinal column - your HQ for every hormonal and muscular interaction in your body.

5. Get ready for a beautiful future

6. Seize the moment

Prepare for a wonderful Lifestyle ahead

Friday, October 3, 2008


Following from yesterday - here's a big thank-you for all the support, energy and enthusiasm to the readers of this Blog.

Up an at em you 'stars'
Keep galvanizing and shining


Thursday, October 2, 2008


The Power of ONE

One is a very tiny number. However, it can have a tremendous impact on your life.

Make one more call every day at work. One extra call a day equals 260+ calls in a year. How many meetings could you set up with this number of calls and how many of those meetings could you turn into sales? Consider your current conversion ratio and think of the impact on your business.

Invest one day per month developing your skills. Many of the most successful people in business invest in themselves. They attend workshops, conferences, and participate in webinars and tele-seminars on a regular basis. Because the majority of people do not develop their skill, you can quickly out-pace your coworkers and competition.

Read one book every month. Expanding your knowledge will help you become more successful. Read books related to your industry or expand areas of insight to helping you improve your skill in a specific area.

Ask one more question. Before you starting “pitching” your product or service, ask your prospect one more question. This question might give you the additional insight you need to more effectively position your product or service.

Pause for one moment. Known as the pregnant pause, this often prompts the other person to blurt out something they had not intended to say. The secret behind this strategy is that most people are uncomfortable with silence and will begin talking to fill the “dead” air space.

Get to the office one hour early. Remember the expression “The early bird gets the worm.” That one extra hour first thing in the morning can be the most productive time of the day. You have a better chance to reach decision-makers, there are fewer distractions, and you can often achieve more in those 60 minutes than in several hours later in the day.

Send one more email. Sometimes, people need that little push and encouragement to move forward. But, many cases, their time is occupied by other projects and priorities which means they are not focused on your solution. Gentle reminders are often appreciated providing you don’t follow up so frequently you appear to be stalking them. Even though they may not be ready to make that particular buying decision, you will help keep your name in their mind.

Ask one more time for an endorsement or testimonial. Endorsements and testimonials are greatly underutilized by most people in business today. We often ask a client for a testimonial but because they have other priorities, they forget. Call them or send an email and politely request the testimonial again.

Give one more suggestion. Schedule a breakfast meeting or lunch with your customers but instead of trying to sell them something, focus on offering solutions that do not include your products or services and your customers will begin to see you more as a partner than a supplier.

Send one more thank you card or note. Very few sales people make the effort to thank their customers. You can stand out from the crowd by sending handwritten notes to thank customers for their most recent order, meeting with you, or sending an on-time payment. You can also send a note when you see their company mentioned favorably in the news.

There is only ONE You.
Be Healthy and Wealthy

Make ONE more healthy fitness solution a day