Thursday, September 27, 2012


Does success excite you, or does failure strike fear through you?

it signifies your competitive instinct level...

Michael Jordan (the famed & amazing basketball player) retired from world-champion status as a basketball player to try out for Minor-League Baseball! - why
a.) he wasn't frightened of failure
b.) merely excited by the potential for success.

Ignite your desires & passion for the opportunity of victory

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


nothing is under obligation to give you what you expect.


words & sayings might inspire BUT it's only YOUR action that creates change

go on...
ignite it up

Thursday, September 20, 2012

vibes / oscillations

amazing - how sometimes 'stuff' just happens & falls into place.

Reality - once you really zone into a decision / a focused intent, the universe surrounding you begins to conspire to make it happen.
vibes / oscillations crank into action

take a few minutes: what are your focused intents? the decisions you really want

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  • get a fact and you'll learn
  • get the truth and you'll believe
  • get a great story and it'll live in your heart forever

calling names

remember the old rhyme:
'sticks & stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me'

the power of words...

hey: what are you calling things, labelling things
What are you then actually doing?

Interesting to note
  • a banana could be labelled a herb
  • a tomato a fruit

...really just comes down to how you assign them into action.

Ignite the action you want

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


what are you focusing on today?

c'mon - focus on nothing = nothing in return.

Ignite your thoughts. Are you in a business: here's some suggestions
  • sales
  • brand-value
  • fresh new customers
  • current existing customers
  • your fellow staff
  • rules/regulations in your industry
sharpen that focus into action now

Monday, September 17, 2012

what are you putting back in?

if you're taught only to harvest, and all you teach to others is also 'how to harvest"

get over it!

Despair - the vain and egocentric poison prevalent across too many of you, and scorched into many veins of society today really is the worst 'poison' out there... more addictive than heroin
and in practicality more popular than sex! -  for the simple & singular reason that when you're in despair & unhappy you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. The despair & misery become a kind of emotional masturbation!

get over it.

get onto the happy trail
share and spark excitement, fun, happiness

ignite the success


How do you deal with fear?

remember this phrase: "when a bear runs at you - whistle to them"

ie. welcome him/her in

Exactly how you should approach 'fear' - makes friends with it / welcome it in.
just like a buddy - go and have fun together!

Friday, September 14, 2012

what's your belief?

beyond this w'ends sports fixtures and the potential score of your favorite team!

what's your deep beliefs?
Just believe're alive, so don't doubt anything
that's all you really need to believe in - you!

toss away all your concept today that some overstructured target is going to lead and manifest to a goal
Each 'step' you take is you arriving at that
...every step = arrival

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Fruit

happiness is essentially just like fruit...
1. you've got to 'cultivate' it
2. Nourish & nurture it to become ripe.

Just 'fertilize' it with thoughts of stuff you like & love.

go on... ignite those thoughts.


'all' is part of 'small'

you approach to the 'small' relates directly to your 'all'

1. Are you giving respect, attention, energy & focus to the 'small'?

2. It leads to 'ALL'

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

tiger (or lion)

is there some tiger in you? or do you harp to be a Lion?

Lions are always part of a 'pride' (a group)
Now at times - that is certainly the solution.

Tigers - are always alone - solitary
Sometimes that's the solution!

the 'eye of the tiger'! - singular focus
inner ferocity
... to that focus

Now part of that 'tiger' involves a cost...'a price to pay!' are you ready
time cost
energy cost
cost on your conscience (energetics)
the cost of potential embarrassment
the risk of deprivation and ensuing costs..

ignite it!


a tragic day of rememberence, and...


2. take in something around you...

experience something
sharpen your awareness of something

yeah, galvanize your appreciation today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Having trouble with the 'big leap' - a major change or transformation step?

Hey! no worries - many folks are challenged from the commitment to make a 'big change'
What about some small changes? can you commit to that?...


lots of smaller changes eventually add up to a big change!

get the action ignited, keep the momentum flowing

Monday, September 3, 2012

sport is all

  • it drives the 'awareness-appreciation' cycle, that drives progression of society (the more aware you are - the more appreciative you are and vice-versa)
  • it’s a constant...permeated in every part of society - recognize the fact & then drive awareness-appreciation
  • It makes you move, think & feel! Be aware - and appreciate all of these more
  • For the young - it’s the bedrock to found principles and learning
  • For middle-years - utilize those skills
  • for aging years. stay active in society: volunteer, spread back wisdom and learnings to the young. Be engaged in society!

Go on find a 'game' now