Saturday, July 31, 2010


Remember how easy it suddenly becomes when you apply the wrench to unscrew the bolt, rather than just using your hand.

1. that's TORQUE, or maybe better described as "Rotation Power"

2. Imagine your fitness training being like the wrench, and adding supercharged power

That's exactly how Pineapple Bio-Resistance works
a.) It adds Rotation Power

Supercharging your muscles
Supercharging your functional power.

You're designed to rotate! Train like you're designed

Get Juice

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rule ONE

yeah - that's all life is.
1. We want to do what we want

2. Think about it carefully, that's precisely what everything comes down to.
a.) Plus remember if you don't look after yourself first, you can't help/assist anyone or anything else on the planet.

3. I think the ultimate form of life is Philanthropy - but you have to sort yourself out first!

How do you workout?
a.) do you do what you want?
b.) or do you follow some pre-orchestrated guide

You'd love to do what you want - but feel frightened is it right or wrong

Bollocks to that
* Play!
* Remember what is was like when your were a child
* Look at pets and animals
* They al just PLAY

That's how Pineapple is designed.
*Adventure with your body
* Play

Now - we're always here to optimize with guidelines
a.) Ie. benefit Intensity and sweet-spot

But the essence - is to empower you to flourish your intuition, and enjoying playing with your fitness.

Get your JUICE
the world's most effective and efficient fitness


cars and Pineapple

Think about back in the day - when the question was asked regarding transport "what do you want"
** "I want a faster horse" - angled the question

Henry Ford - didn't listen to any of it, and invented the motor car. (because he believed it was the solution)

Pineapple was invented in the same light.
a.) It my belief it provides the most effective & efficient solution to change people's fitness and lifestyle

My mission is to make people better.
1. The foundation of that is total fitness.
2. Fitness of your muscles, brain, blood and bone
3. ie. from your cells out
4. Adding the Fourth dimension

I mention all this - as all the incredible MBA's I keep hearing from, and all their wisdom and advice - about targetting a niche consumer and defining a niche product etc... - all make wonderful business-sense
do nothing for my passion and belief.

I believe everyone should be a Pineapple customer
I believe everyone wants to get better / improve their fitness
and I believe their life will improve instantly from there
*Remember - I believe everyone wants to get better

Get your Juice on.

Enjoy the most effective and efficient fitness on the planet

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Three is the challenge this week.

a.) 3 workouts

b.) 3 minutes an exercise

c.) 3 exercises

Monday, July 26, 2010

Problem Solving

If you've got a problem - you can basically categorize as
a.) imperfect
b.) perfect.

1. The Imperfect ones are pretty obvious, and it's easy to see and grasp the solution

2. The 'perfect' ones are the challenge, and the ones that keep you stuck
a.) because they have constraints

"I'd get fitter, but I don't have any time, because...*
* Enter your constraint here!

Juice-Up, blow away the contraints

a.) achieves results in less time than you spend on the toilet each day!
b.) Is fun, and will continue to create motivation in you
c.) Is like an adventure, and constant variety
d.) makes you fitter immediately
e.) energizes you

Be Supercharged NOW, throw the constraint away

Friday, July 23, 2010

Green Fitness

Ideas used to only be spread on 'paper'

1. Now - the digital society we live in, allows incredible speed and reach of ideas, far far more efficiently and effectively than ever before - with the old 'paper' society

2. I bring this up, as I was having a conversation with someone earlier today - regarding the demise of newspapers, and the moaning/groaning from the newspaper industry.
a.) the hold-back from newspapers is 'paper'
b.) ie. trees!
c.) that creates cost - and a scarcity value
d.) There's no scarcity of ideas, news, info etc...
e.) And I'm sure we all would like to protect more trees!

3. Bingo - the solution
a.) digital transfer of all the amazing info
b.) more effective & efficient

4. The philosophy is the same: transfer ideas, information, news to all populations
a.) we've just added space-age technology to make it more effective & efficient

5. Use the centuries old, proven principle and methods of human movement
a.) and add space-age technology to make it optimum effective & efficient


Thursday, July 22, 2010

what's the story

Great song by Brit-band: Oasis!

1. Now what's your story?

2. I bet you go into work each day - and tell some type of story, whether it's sales-pitch, consulting-gig, management etc...

3. What do you tell yourself?
a.) what's your story with fitness

4. The story you tell - is the one you'll believe.

Get Juiced.
Enjoy amazing fitness in only a few minutes
Optimize your life - get galvanized

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Pain-free

- get rid of the sharp pain in your knee so you can go walking with your friends

- stop your lower back from aching so you can lift your grandkids again

- end the pain in your shoulder so you can play baseball with the guys

- make a happy hip so you can get running again

- unravel that knot in your mid-back so you're not in pain the whole work day

- ease the muscle pains in your neck so your headaches will go away

- manage fibromyalgia so you can walk with comfort

Get Juice!
let it supercharge your cells, and stop pain fast

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what do you want?

besides - presents everyday!

#1 - Fitness is the present that's given to you each and every-day.
a.) Your body is the biggest, best, baddest (whatever term you like) toy on the planet (it's the bollocks! in UK vernacular!)

what about other interactions you have
1. You want value.
2. You want real world.
3. You want new information.
4. You want it to be immediately applicable.

Welcome to Pineapple!
Fitness in 4-D
Working from your cells out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

this drug works...

I find it flummoxing that I've never met a doctor who initially prescribes the most amazing drug on the planet!

1. Lifestyle
a.) great exercise
b.) great food
c.) Great attitude and mindset

2. really simple, amazing solution for almost every disease

Give life a KISS

3. Cut out the BS - everyone can improve their lifestyle (and no - you don't have to be a billionaire!)
a.) In fact - here's the biggest secret to life, if you can't have fun without any money, money won't make you any happier.)
b.) Now if you know how to have fun with no money, then lots more of it can certainly bring a wealth of fun and happiness (for all those that know me - get ready to be on the Jet that takes us to every surf break and powder chute on this planet! bring the Juice!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Just got the results of a study done by the Univ of Virginia - using the Cable-Core v's traditional weight Training

1. The Cable-Core got more than 7 times greater improvement!

How / Why?

2. Simple - It recruits more muscle and forces those muscles to work together.

Get Juice

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Precious

Here we are in the Joys of Summer.

1. Are you supercharged?
a.) what - not enough time to have got fit and strong
b.) what - not enough time to enjoy some sport and health.


You only need to Juice for a few minutes
a.) get into Benefit Intensity
b.) enjoy the sweetspot

Be Supercharged

1. There's too much fun out there to waste time

Monday, July 12, 2010

Natural wins

The incredible Devils Postpile - near Mammoth Lakes. (yeah - that's Capt Pineapple in there!)

1. Natural wins!
a.) We can't make any to match this.

2. Get your Fitness to be Natural
a.) Supercharge your body with Juice

3. Enjoy - Bio-OScillation and Bio-Resistance

Get Juice

Beautiful waterfall isn't it - It's the Rainbow Falls near Mammoth Lakes in the amazing Eastern Sierra, a truly magical part of the world with an incredible fusion of geology and beauty.

It's a perfect place to reflect - and challenge commonly thought modern-day opinion.
a.) Basking in incredible constructions
b.) and surrounded by animal and creature-life
that usurp our modern mind by a distance.

1. We need to unlock our n'th degree, and adventure for our intuition
a.) Not just bury our heads in some book written by a single person not so long ago

2. Release yourself into the environment that has been created over thousands, and thousands of years.

3. Our modern brain - warped by the Industrial revolution has it oh so wrong.
a.) Look at the BS of fitness you, and many other have been pursuing
b.) Are you healthier?
c.) no, you're fatter and more miserable!

Get Juice

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A, B, C get D

If A is True
And B is True
You can Assume C
And get D

Very simple and super effective solution.
It’s the efficient secret to success

A is Benefit Intensity
B is Sweetspot
C is ‘Juice’
D is being Supercharged.


Are you Supercharged?

** Do you have plenty rejuvenating hormones flowing through your body!

**Are your muscles working energetically to fire up the calorie consuming inferno in you – a fat-burning metabolic monster!

**Have you got an amazing dose of the chillin’ hormones crusin’ around your brain, and get all those muscles loose and relaxed

**Is your circulation optimized Transporting, transferring, ferrying, carrying ‘goods’ to the various points of our body.

**Are you activated, energized and synchronized?

Get Juice!