Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biological Ceiling

1. You have to reach Benefit Intensity
a.) But just doing more, doesn't mean more results

2. there's a 'Sweet-spot' of time

It's about 3 minutes!

1. So sorry to all of you out there, that's been faithfully working out on a ROM machine (which touts a total body workout in 4 minutes - you've been overcooking by a minute each time
a.) adds up - doesn't it!

Think about the progression in the mile: the 4-min barrier has been smashed, with the World Record - now down towards 3 1/2 minutes. The chase to 3 mins continues! (It's basically running four 45 sec 400's. Alot of athletes can run a 45 second 400, no-one can do 2,3 or 4 YET!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Protein & Apples - Wt.Loss secret

Not quite a Protein Apple, but hey look out for a Pineapple Protein product soon!

1. Here's a great secret for you, especially if you're going out for a meal, and are on an weight-loss action plan.
Eat either some Protein or an Apple, just before you leave 'home'

2. Protein: perhaps a shake, or some lean meat/fish/poultry or some jerky.
a.) Protein triggers your brain that you're full. It's a Primal instinct
b.) Signals get sent to you brain, that say you've just hunted and caught something. The message is 'you just caught and started eating a Lion, so hey - chill - you're full - relax
c.) This will keep your hunger strongly subdued - when you're out at the restaurant
d.) Bingo - super easy weight loss control

3. the APPLE!
a.) Well, as you munch into that apple, there's a magic substance in the skin of an apple, called "Pectin' that slows the absorption of sugars into your body
b.) making any carbs you eat less likely to be stored as fat
c.) Super easy weight loss control
d.) Also the good strong chew of an apple - makes your facial muscles fatigue a little, again making you a little less hungry.

4. So the super-easy solution is some jerky and an apple!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise is King

There's always conjecture about the biggest factor to combat 'fatness'
a.) Is it exercise, or is it food.

1. Now, my aim is certainly not to diminish what someone eats, as there's great truisim in "you are what you eat"
2. I've always been of total belief, that EXERCISE is King

A study released today, completely backs that view, and further highlights that first and foremost we are a movement based animal, with all other factors intertwined to the requirement to move first!
ie. Get your body moving, and everything begins to fall into place

The Study completed at the University of Campinas in Brazil looked at neurological effect after exercising.
** Just by exercising, caused a decrease in hunger, and an increase in their control to feel full
** This obviously meant less calories being consumed
** With the incredible double-whammy of them burning up calories with their exercise aswell
** Result being fabulous weight loss

Big message being - that exercise gave them control back into their lives. Plus made them feel great.

The message about fitness and living-well, is that it's a journey.
a.) It's not about diet's
b.) It's not about fad programs
c.) IT"S about making choices you can enjoy your whole life


Know what's going on in your body - not pharmaceutical-induced derangement

Just good healthy balance - ALL DRIVEN BY YOU BEING ACTIVE!

Get Juiced!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pineapple Fitness: TOTAL workout

Energize your body; Galvanize your Mind, Invigorate your Blood, Revitalize your Bones
Be Supercharged! Get Juiced - experience fitness from your cells out

Get Outside - Get Fit *ONLY 5 mins

a study by Barton & Pretty at a UK university has just highlighted that simply 5 mins of exercise outdoors has amazing fitness & health benefit

** Not 5 mins in some gulag-style gymnasium

That's why we make everything Pineapple - portable, so you can optimize every part of your fitness!

1. The study highlighted that alongside the physical benefits, there was an incredible boost in well-being


2. Just like we encourage! You only need a few minutes to galvanize, amplify and optimize your fitness and well-being

Go on, get out there

Get Fit: You know what to do

Just like eating!

Sure the utensils - YOU need some foundation guidance.

1. But that's it.
a.) Get the foundation principles - how the whole shebang works
b.) Understand progression
c.) Then get on with it
d.) Have fun: discover, explore, excite your own intuition, unearth your motivation.

2. Feel it!

3. Think about the chop-sticks.
a.) Have the guidance of what to do
b.) Then have fun discovering your own specific style
c.) Own your thing!
d.) Enjoy the end-result

4. Fitness is that simple
a.) You can only: Squat, lunge, push, pull, twist
b.) Do it!

5. Progression is based on doing as many of them in as short a period of time as possible.
a.) There's a BIological Ceiling. Your body can only absorb so much, and it can only absorb if it's fresh enough for the body to recognize (ie. to be fresh it has to be a little tougher than before!)

The amazing feeling you get - well that's being JUICED!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach Volleyball

The perfect symbiosis of Pineapple Fitness.
1. Movement: the sport is completely founded on the primal movements
2. Exciting: diving, explosive, competitive
3. Adventure: Have your own style, and your own way of doing it

Congrats Aaron "Der Bomber" Wachtfogel and Sean "Rosie's Raiders" Rosenthal for their achievement winning the Manhattan Beach Open
Tealle Hunkus and Heather Lowe on winning the Women's tournament.
Keep the Juice!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chopping Wood Fitness

You've seen all the 'guru's' proclaiming the incredible methods of 'chopping wood' style exercises
a.) Sledgehammers against tires
b.) 'Chop' movements with selectorized cable machine

Well they can move over in effect and efficiency with the Bio-Resistance range of products!
a.) that's for another day! Pineapple always creates a better mousetrap!

Today's Blog is about real chopping of wood.
1. Do you focus on the top of the log or the bottom?
a.) smart-pants out there, says the top of the log
b.) I'm confident in your ability as a human to be able to strike into the log
c.) So it's all about the bottom of the log

2. If you focussed only on the top of the log
a.) You would make the strike
b.) But run out of momentum very quickly and not be able to cut all the way through the log

3. Focussing on the bottom (ie. end)
a.) powers you to completion.

4. What's your end of Fitness?
a.) My end is skiing, surfing, golfing, cycling, tennis'ing, dancing etc... for the rest of my life.
b.) Each day is an opportunity to galvanize goodness into my body and brain
c.) It's a chance for fun, for challenge, for inspiration.
d.) My end is to feel Amazing
e.) To be JUICED!

Make sure you know what your end is...
I bet it's to feel Juiced.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Juice! (ps. you want this)

Straight out the dictionary
Verb phrase: 'juice up'
a. to add more power, energy, or speed to; accelerate.
b. to make exciting or spectacular: They juiced up the movie by adding some battle scenes.
c. to strengthen; increase the effectiveness of: to juice up the nation's economy.

In olde English 'juicy' referred to "lively, interesting"

Sounds like you need some!

oh... here at Pineapple, we've extended 'Juice' to be the 'supercharged effect' you get from Pineapple Fitness. It's a little like 'stoke' for the surfers, ski-ers and skateboarders out there
Just the pure personal expression of Joy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Momentum Fitness

Don't worry, not one of these BS fitness fad/things

1. Just good old normal 'momentum'

2. Hey, as always 'preached' here at Pineapple Planet, it's all about the human-ness

3. Momentum
a.) Makes things suddenly real easy.
b.) You know the feeling... when you get a little 'roll on'

4. What about with your fitness?
a.) remember Nellie?

5. again - let's get down to the basics - once we get some momentum flowing, we're rocking and rolling
a.) or in other words we get 'Juiced"

6. Literally get the Juice and get your momentum firing.
a.) get a little movement
b.) Drink something healthy
c.) eat something nutritious
d.) Be thankful
e.) Be inspired

Get Juiced

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time to Perfect or Optimize

Was out enjoying some golf at the beautiful Sierra Star golf course this w'end (the highest course in CA, set amongst the amazing backdrop of Mammoth Mountain)

I was happily playing with 2 or 3 balls, as I was really just focussed on enjoying the round as much as possible, and practicing
a.) now that's a real luxury, as I wasn't playing with anyone to hold them up, plus I choose a time when the course would be as empty as possible.

1. With this strategy, I was able to par every hole
a.) Now - I'm certainly not a scratch golfer, but with the luxury of a spare ball in my pocket, I was able to attempt one or two swings on every attempt
b.) That's not realistic in the long term
c.) I have to quickly transition into the discipline of only playing one ball
d.) And living with the consequences
e.) and not giving myself huge margins of error, to comfort with

2. I'm sure many of you look at the fitness models on magazines.
a.) Now they have the luxury of hours and hours everyday to try and prep themselves into aesthetic wonder
b.) Again - totally unrealistic in the real world
c.) Plus a case of, if they spend that much time and effort, they must surely be able to get decent results. (Just like my near-par golf)

Optimum living is all about efficiency and effectiveness
** It's the premise for Pineapple
** Getting the absolute most 'Bang for you buck"

get Juiced

PS. Life is too amazing to not be adventuring all areas of fitness and fun. (Brain fitness...)

Now the an

21 or One

Common thought in academia is it takes 21 days to change


It takes ONE
a.) Not one day
b.) one hour
c.) or even one second

ONE millisecond

Are you Juiced?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


the elephant!

1. Elephant's never forget.

2. Don't ever forget your fitness/health.

Here's a little plan.
a.) Come up with a Nellie 'Tip of the day'
b.) eg. get your blood flowing (walk, swing, push, pull...) - get those Juices flowing.
c.) Then have a "nellie" for your brain (read something, or challenge your brain with a puzzle, look-up a new word)
d.) the a "nellie" for your soul: Think an amazing thought, spend time and be thankful...

get the Juice

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


feeling amazing / happy

1. That's the biggest 'richness' on the planet

2. memories last - material things fade away!

3. How's your fitness experience?
a.) fun, energizing?
b.) making you feel supercharged?

Get the Juice!

Monday, August 9, 2010

driver or passenger

which one are you?

Do you really want to be the driver?
Are you frightened of the responsibility?
Or do you seek to control the adventure?

There's a classic saying - life is a steamroller, you're either on it, or being rolled.
Similarly - you're either the driver or the passenger.

1. The driver has the wonderful ability to drive (control) the course.
a.) Of course, that's what you really want
b.) get over the fear
c.) It's an adventure
d.) there's no right or wrong turns - just further progress into the adventure playground.

That's how Pineapple Fitness it
a.) You're in control
b.) you're the driver
c.) You control the increasing fun factory
d.) You enjoy the first view (results)

Don't be a passenger - a slave to something
Control your life, craft your adventure
get JUICE!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Camp Pineapple & Extreme Weight Loss

Camp Pineapple is the OPTIMUM performance center on the planet
a.) a combination of the Pineapple technology and High Altitude

1. This is a recent piece of research validating the amazing weight loss we achieve at Camp Pineapple
* Obesity (2010) 18 4, 675–681

Get the Juice!

Latest Research: Pineapple Supercharges You

J Strength Cond Res 24(7): 1860-1865, 2010

Get your JUICE on!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to

Everywhere you look there's a "how to" list/guide.

I think it's dummying-down society - where we become expectant on being instructed through the whole process - and/or people shelve self-responsibility by then blaming the instructions - if the outcome isn't perfect for them.

What a shame

Remember the tale about giving people the skills to fish, not just putting fish on their plate.
... that's the essence

1. develop the skills
2. Master your fate

Just like Fitness
a.) All the 'gurus' proclaiming the magic workout etc...
b.) C'mon - we're animals
c.) Let's cherish our animal
d.) Adventure, play with our movements
e.) FEEL what it's like to move and FEEL how great fitness is.

Get the Juice!

Monday, August 2, 2010

How to become brilliant

1. study what gifted 'people' do when they're feeling inspired
2. reverse engineer their unconscious methods.
3. Learn consciously what the gifted 'person' does unconsciously.

What do you want to be brilliant at?

My mission is to make people brilliant at fitness.
I study the brilliance of many athletes, children and predominantly animals (which is why I put the 'people' in apostrophe.)

1. What's the essence of a brilliant athlete - their flow?
2. Of children - their play?
3. Of animals - their adventure?

** Move naturally
** Have fun & Play
** Go on an adventure

Sound great...
Just get the Juice then.