Monday, December 29, 2008


Time is finite, Energy can be expanded

Do you respect time?
Do you waste or Optimize?

Do you ‘adventure’ with energy?
Do you waste or Optimize?

I’ve just had a walk with Kona (the Pineapple Uber-HUND) – beautiful sunshine, fantastic vistas. What an expanse of energy!
a.) The joy and kinetic dynamism of Kona chasing her tennis ball
b.) The heat warmth and solar energy from the Sun
c.) The audio energy from birds
d.) The visual energy from the surrounding landscape
e.) The nutritious energy from the chunks of pineapple fruit I was chewing

I further spent the time sharing, caring and enjoying

1. What about working-out
2. Does your workout respect time?
3. Does it ensure ultimate efficiency
4. Does it expand your energy

The Pineapple technology is an energy transfer device (think of the above scene with energy bombarding me.) This is exactly how the Pineapple Bio-oscillation works – bombarding your body with safe, comfortable energy stimulating all your systems

That’s why it becomes so time-efficient and amazingly ultra-effective.

Are you Juicing?
It you want Optimum lifestyle…

J-day minus 3!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


It’s not what you do, it’s who you are being. Be fun.

Optimize your Lifestyle - explore, adventure and seize opportunity through fun.

Being in life is to give birth to yourself. Live imagination, possibility, creativity, inspiration … with fun.
It’s like a butterfly. First it is given birth as a caterpillar. Then it transforms, it gives birth to itself as a butterfly. We are very much the same. We are born into body, and then we discover who we really are…we transform ourselves into who we want to be.
...Then we fly!

Get ready to Juice. (J-day minus 4!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


"Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.”
-Gail Sheehy, (Pathfinders, 1981)

What is certain anyway? If anything, certainty is just a habit. We are certainly creatures of habit. But it can certainly get boring.

It’s time to break the mold, razzle things up, create a new paradigm! There are infinite possibilities out there, and within each one of us!

I'm crafting through a creative zone at the moment. So get ready for some ULTRA-juice in '09

Remember everything is just stimulation.
a.) It either causes an adaptation or not.
b.) We all want the fresh stimulation and exciting adaptation
c.) But it can seem a frightening step.

"If you want to reach a new island, you have to be prepared to swim!"

Pineapple constantly forces fresh "creation" in your body.

Do you want fresh, and exciting adaptation with your training? Are you ready for a new paradigm!

'09 will be the year of JUICE!
Get ready to create a new lifestyle for yourself

Friday, December 26, 2008

C to N, N to C

1. Christmas to Newyear
2. Newyear to Christmas

It's all about the second one. What do you do between Newyear and Christmas?
"It's not the will to win, it's the will to prepare to win"

I trust you are enjoying a fabulous Festive period. Don't worry too much what you are eating, drinking etc...
It's all about what you do N to C, not C to N
C to N - is about gearing yourself mentally for the wonders of your Newyear action

Get ready for JUICE

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sending a Hug to all you Pineappleologists

It's wondrous what a hug can do
A hug can cheer you when you're blue
A hug can say "I love you so"
Or "Gee, I hate to see you go."
A hug is "Welcome back again"
And "Great to see you, where've you been?"
A hug can smooth a small child's pain
And bring a rainbow after rain.
The hug: There's just no doubt about it
We scarcely could survive without it.
A hug delights and warms and charms --
It must be why God gave us arms.
Hugs are great for Fathers and Mothers,
Sweet for sister, swell for brothers
And chances are your favorite aunts
Love them more than potted plants.
Kittens crave them, puppies love them,
Heads of State are not above them.
A hug can break the language barrier
And make your travels so much merrier.
No need to fret about your store of them
The more you give the more there's more of 'em,
So stretch those arms without delay
And give someone a hug today!
~~Dean Walley


Yeah, yeah, yeah... you're now going to get a new fitness regime started.
1. But not until the New Year.

2. So you have made a decision on your physical nature.

3. What about the 'mental' side of your Fitness?
a.) Sounds great - doesn't it - TOTAL fitness

4. Well how about getting your 'mental' side started now.
a.) What are your goals
b.) What are areas of satisfaction you want more of.

Plus - mentally get Juicing straight away. Implement your fresh actions NOW.

Pineapple works on all systems in your body at once. It activates and amplifies all the electrical and chemical processes in your body.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Flowing with the Joyful Season themes!

1. Are you having Joy?...
a.) Laughter, a little 'dance'

Fun interactions, exciting stories and conversations, a little boogie and movement.

Would be nice if it's always like that/this

2. MAKE it SO

3. All starts with your training.
a.) You know you should be training.
b.) So it's a discipline you can immediately effect into action
c.) remove procrastination
d.) Flow with the joy in your sails NOW

4. Your training - should instigate all the "Joy" and "Party" we've been talking about.
a.) Interesting, exciting
b.) and above all - EFFECTIVE.

5. There's no BS with Joy and a good Party
a.) it either is or isn't

Get Juicing... Pineapple Planet awaits

Friday, December 19, 2008


"Yeah baby!"... We're in the middle of the Festive party season. I trust you are having a fabulous, fun time.

A great party has tonnes of stimulation
a.) Fresh conversations, faces, even some new dance moves by your friends!

What about your training?
(I'm not going to go on about how you should keep up your training even over the holiday period - that's over-bandied conversation, Blah, blah...boring)
What about the "party" your body should have when it trains

Think about how much fun you're having at various parties now. Your whole body could have that daily - with the right training.
Training that
a.) Galvanizes fresh action in your body
b.) Boosts feel-good hormones
c.) Doesn't have any detriment (think "NO hangover!"

Welcome to Pineapple!

Enjoy a fun-party in your whole body every time.
Excite, stimulate and without damage or detriment.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Been having alot of fun with Kona (the UberHund - see the videos on the site) today.

1. Interesting to observe she is in full mode or Recovery (sleep) mode

2. How do you live life.
a.) Do you drift through in a 'semi-state' - with some little 'peaks' and 'valleys'
b.) or full mode - with only recovery process to rejuvenate you ready for the next fun activity?

And what about your fitness training?

3. Basic muscle physiology describes how a muscle is "all or nothing" - ie. a muscle fiber is either recruited or not.

4. Remember you have lots of muscle fibers (bundled) to form a muscle - so you can have only a % of your muscle actually in full mode

The Pineapple SECRET is that is activates more muscle fibers (all in FULL MODE) than is possible in any traditional training method
a.) Meaning you can get a "FULL-ON" effect
b.) Giving you optimum results

Turn it up - Live life FULL-ON


Monday, December 15, 2008


How many geometrists do you know? the... "I think outside the box!" brigade

1. Yeah - sure!
a.) You've already constructed a box - which you're then saying you think out of - to illustrate a great breadth of thought and vision.
b.) sadly mistaken they are.
c.) a constructed paradigm to foster self-belief and positive thought process

2. News-flash!
a.) action is everything

In fact
a.) Everything exists and nothing exists

there is continuous action every milli-second of our lives
a.) We either choose to tap into or not
b.) Think of it like a Rheostat on a light - it's always on, you either choose to shine the light or dim it to what looks like off

Are you working with action? or hiding (pretending it doesn't exist)
a.) A little like the 'pretenders' who "think outside the box"
b.) Flourish - Be Free - FLY!

What about your fitness?
a.) Does it tap into the continuous 'surge of energy' that exists around you constantly
b.) Does it 'expand and adventure' new 'territories' in your body.


a little...

Here's a super quote "nobody made a greater mistake than s/he who did nothing because s/he could do only a little."

1. Alot of people get intimidated by 'little' contributions.
a.) eg. a dime or cent to charities. (If everyone did that all the time - enormous sums would be raised.

2. For Fitness - people have been cajouled into the thinking that an hour was necessary to work out in.
a.) Non-sense
b.) Only a couple of minutes a number of times through the day can be perfect.

3. There's no excuse
a.) It's simply your desire.
b.) Your WANT
c.) what are your health and fitness goals for '09?

4. get a head-start - start now

5. Pineapple full workout's take up to 20 mins
a.) Pineapple will be launching the UBER (v.shortly) - which will allow you to work out in 1-2 minute 'sessions'
b.) Achieve your goals - by simply doing a number of these 1-2 minute 'sessions' through the day.

Easy and fun


Friday, December 12, 2008

"there's a falling rock"

You swiftly look up, scan for the rock, and focus intently to get out of the way.

1. Reaction
2. Response
3. Initiation

Remember the hierarchy of action
Initiate, respond, react
a.) The opposite to what just happened.
b.) Only at the last step, was it something you wanted - and the greatest level of focus.

WHY wait until then to really focus (and to really start initiating action to get you exactly what you want?)

What do you want? What are you prepared to focus on?

Pineapple Fitness causes
a.) Initiation of more cellular action in your body that you can ever achieve alone
b.) There is further response
c.) And further reaction
Leading to your optimum result.

What do you really want - so you are prepared to really focus
Come and Pineapple to ensure total INITIATION



I was chatting with a client earlier - and he mentioned an infomercial that describes a light switch that you only have to clap your hands to turn the light on or off.
The premise was to allow people not to have to lower themselves towards the floor to turn the light on or off.

1. This is the damaged society we have created - where we are trying to nullify one of basic human tenants - "Movement"

2. We need to create "excitement" to be able/and to cherish the joy of movement

3. Everything is movement (my client and I then proceeded to talk at depth) about mental movement.
a.) Again a huge premise for healthy functioning.
b.) An agile, motioned mind - excites and adventures for the optimum solution

4. If water lies still or stagnant it becomes polluted.
a.) Even "dirty" water can be cleaned by agitation
b.) The key is movement
c.) Remember we are over 70% water.
d.) Our secret of wellness, health and vitality is 'movement"
e.) Engaging our cells with safe levels of motion/movement as much as possible

5. Pineapple is a technology that activates cell tissue. Energizing them with movement/motion

Get "moving"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I don't think they're ever set. Merely guidelines within a time-frame of life, that allow a status quo prevalence.

1. Look at the Rules that were "set", then broken - and proven not really to be rules but just guidelines within a time-frame of life
a.) Print media control v's the Internet and the 'google' explosion
b.) Gas v's sustainable energy
c.) etc...

2. In the fitness world
a.) the Long slow workout v's short high intensity
b.) No weight training for women v's muscle toning fat burning workout's for women

3. Here's an interesting quote
“Those who understand only what can be explained understand very little.” (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916))
a.) a little on the lines of 'there is nothing, but there is also everything'

4. What are new evolutions of rules?
a.) Transparent marketing and communication
b.) Sustainable lifestyle

5. How about for Fitness
a.) Transparent communication of principles that will ensure the optimum workout for you
b.) A 'sustainable' fitness workout
Pineapple Fitness

Monday, December 8, 2008


Going through a fresh phase of hiring staff at the moment - as we expand the pineapple planet.

1. A question that frequently comes up is "how much do i get paid an hour"

2. There's a great quote
"You don't get paid for the hour -- you get paid for the value you bring to that hour"

I'd even go beyond that.

The lowest paid people in the world think that they get paid for the hour of work. That's why they stay low paid. The person who works at the grocery store thinks he's getting paid for the hours they stand there. And until they change that paradigm they'll always be a low paid 'by the hour' worker.

More successful people think they get paid for the value that they create within that time frame.

The most successful people understand that the time spent is irrelevant, it's ONLY the value. So they no longer think in terms of time -- and if they do -- it's in reverse -- that getting the job done faster is worth more.

If I can deliver the perfect training program to get your result in 30 mins, and another coach needs an hour -- am I not worth more? I can deliver the result in half the time that they can - I should be worth at least twice as much.

In training (and in most things - including business) the result is the ONLY thing that matters -- designing programs or charging 'by the hour' is not thinking about value first. I actually pride myself on making the workouts no longer than they need to be. In my opinion doing an extra set is far worse than not doing enough.

ENjiy workouts that work and deliver results. Don't do workouts to fill in a slot of time.

Oh yeah - I think I can achieve much better results (and Safer) in 15 mins than the vast majority on any trainer doing 60-90+ mins training can deliver.
Sign up now - before I'd quadruple prices - remember I giving you better results and in only a quarter of the time!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Failure & Success

Is failure a success?

Is failure part of success?

1. We often talk about both.
a.) Muscle failure - can be the ultimate success of a strength training strategy
b.) A level of 'failure' is certainly a part of success - think about any invention, or major breakthrough - has by nature a level of 'failure' as part of the journey towards the Success.

What are your thoughts?

2. Pineapple is based on complete stimulation of muscle fiber.
a.) I like this terminology - as 'muscle failure' can have levels of associated destruction (breakdown of soft tissue...)
b.) Complete stimulation - focusses on the complete work through the muscle fiber, and in the safest (softest) way possible for all other associated tissue.

3. The "Business Journey of Failure"
a.) Yes - this is by-product of profound success.
b.) On the journey - there will be people that will be "failures" - as they reject the immediate benefit and value
c.) On the journey - there will be 'adjustments' to the product to effect a superior result.
d.) In this arena - precise focus on your vision and the emboldened power to continue is the secret.

4. Just like your training
a.) Are you achieving 'complete stimulation' of the muscle areas closely related to your goals?
b.) Are you focussed and emboldened with power to action towards your goals

Get ready for a Bio-Oscillated '09



Started the Million Push-up challenge today.

We're aiming for a Million push-up's on the PRO unit - we've got set-up outside the Orchard, to raise money for the charity Fortunes for Fitness.

Everytime you are near or come past the Orchard (12020 Wilshire) - Juice through some Push-Up's to help raise money for initiatives that will foster development of fitness and health in under-privileged and under-sourced areas

Juice your Push-Up. Help and Get Healthy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Answers before an Exam!

If someone gave you all the answers before an exam - would you take them?

1. Would you want to challenge yourself to see what you knew, but risk levels of failure.
2. Would you happily take all the answers and enjoy total success

I strongly suggest - taking all the answers.
The exam is only the start-point. A leverage for you to galvanize into life.
Get excited by the challenges in the real world, with the basis of knowledge. (I'm know taking as an assumption you infuze the answers into yourself)

Just like fitness - don't battle now. Use the answers, pass the exam - THEN get into the real fun - LIVING OPTIMALLY

1. Pineapple gives you all the answers for the exam of life
2. We are then here to be your friend and family as you adventure into the fun of real living. Real lifestyle with the tools of fitness you will gain with Pineapple.

The simple answer for fitness is to broach you above a threshold intensity to create an adaptation for your body
** We activate more function than is possible in any other manner
** We do it with less impact than is possible in any other manner


Monday, December 1, 2008

5 + 5 + 5 = 550

What! That doesn't make any sense.
...You're right

However you can add one line and it all makes sense.

1. Like alot of things in life.
a.) One small thing can change the whole equation

2. One small thing can alter your whole perspective.

Also - it depends if you're looking for a solution.

If you're still reading - you have the stuff champions are made of. You know there's a solution, and you're progressing towards the reward.
What have you defined recently for yourself as a goal / a challenge / a fresh perspective?

How's your training? Are you getting results?

The solution to the above 'riddle'
1. Add one line to one of the "+" signs
2. From the top of the cross to the left hand tip
3. So it becomes a "4"
4. 545+5 = 550