Friday, April 30, 2010

SMILE fitness

freedom in life is your attitude. No-one can imprison, take or stifle your attitude.

YOU determine it, each day, and every moment.

1. Think about Nelson Mandela - one of the smiliest persons on the planet!
a.) it's all about his attitude.

2. Fitness is that. (PS. Nelson played Soccer in prison to stay fit, and still keeps active - with intermittent, high-intensity functional movement - yeah - he's Jucing!)
a.) Fitness is an attitude

An attitude to enjoy freedom of your Body

An attitude to adventure with your Body

An attitude to Play and challenge yourself.

easy to Smile!

(Pineapple is like Organic fitness - flavored with fun & play)
(Core Fitness for your Whole body!)

Juice-it uP


energy beget energy
optimism begets optimism
honesty begets honesty
enthusiasm begets enthusiasm
Action begets action


Juice your Body Up

Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Can 2

Time is 2 Precious 2 Waste

1. 86400 seconds every day

Get 2 it!

2. two priceless
a.) Time - the most precious commodity on the planet
b.) Fitness - galvanize your life on the planet

Think about it for 2 seconds
Get 2 it


Organic Fitness

You have most fun - when you're playing!

1. So shouldn't you "play" doing your fitness?

Yeah - welcome to Pineapple
It's Organic fitness, flavored by your fun and PLAY

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Touch the humanity in you today. Aliven yourself to your surrounds.
Be on a mission of Awareness and Appreciation.

Write down 3 things you are thankful for.

Juice your Body

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thinking & Doing

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations – we fall to the level of our training”

What's your daily routine for fitness and wellness?

What goal's have you set, to ensure a level of activity.

then, free yourself and Optimize.

The Pineapple goal is to provide you with the tools and mindset to Optimize your fitness.
Just grab some Pineapple and Juice your Body Up

Pro-athlete Fitness secrets

Here are some easy secrets of the Pro's, that you can optimize into your fitness action, and accelerate your results immediately

They focus most of their training time on prep and recovery
a.) Nutrition - what they eat before to fuel them up
b.) Mental ‘zone’ - what's their zone. Many use music to boost their positive emotions

a.) Re-fueling themselves with rejuvenating nutrition
b.) Relaxing their mind and body - so they can power up for more training in the future

How’s your nutrition pre & post training
What’s your mental state pre & post?

Juice your Body Up

Pineapple - Inner Fitness

Play-off season for NBA and NHL here in the US. What’s the winning difference?
Yeah – the mindset, the mental edge. “Inner Fitness”

Are you working on your Inner Fitness?
Take some easy tips from the Pro Athletes
a.) Use Music to help boost your positive emotions
b.) Visualize yourself successfully achieiving

Juice your Body Up

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pineapple is better than 'Cardio'

Here's the latest hard science fact giving background how we construct the Pineapple training system, and why it ensures you the most effective, efficient workout on the planet

1. A recent study at Truman University by Farrer et al
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research:
April 2010 - Volume 24 - Issue 4 - pp 1034-1036

2. The study looks at the "cardio" effect of swinging Kettlebells in a 12min period
a.) they had free reign to stop when and as many times as possible
b.) ie. it was just intermittent functional exercise

3. Results showed a significant increase in VO2 max (the measurement of cardio performance)

4. The message here: "You don't need to do 'traditional' cardio exercises to increase your 'cardio' performance
a.) You can do any movement - as long as it broaches benefit intensity and threshold

So have fun with your workout

5. From a coaching perspective - the above study further highlight's how poor an option traditional cardio is - with its high-impact, constant repetitive stresses. Constantly hammering and damaging your joints.
Think about the variety of ways your body can move and benefit - that's how you should exercise (with adventure, play and freedom of fun into your body

Juice your Body

Monday, April 5, 2010

More Cowbell!!!

Funniest SNL skit I've ever seen, is the legendary "I want MORE COWBELL" - from Christopher Walken

Bottom-line is
a.) Either Do it or Don't bother
b.) Walken is extorting if there's going to be a 'cowbell' in the song!!! (yeah it's bizarre!)
c.) Then really give it some!
d.) Give it everything

1. Just like with your training
a.) If you're not going to go into 'Benefit threshold'
b.) don't bother
c.) it's not training, it's merely activity
d.) So just enjoy the activity, but don't pretend you're doing any training - because you're not.

Pineapple specializes in making your workout the most effective, efficient, everytime. The technology ensures you the opportunity to optimize every cell in your body.

It give you More Cowbell for your workout!

Time is too precious to waste #2

Some fresh science to further highlight the secret of Pineapple

Paoli et al.
Effects of three distinct protocols of fitness training on body composition, strength and blood lactate.
JSMPF. 2010 Mar;50(1):43-51

1. The study looked 3 groups
a.) low intensity circuit training group
b.) cardio-only
c.) high intensity circuit training group.

This study concluded that among the three groups, the high intensity circuit training showed the greatest reductions in
* Weight
* BodyFat
* Work capacity
* Strength

Like I keep saying - Time is 2 precious 2 waste

Cut the BS fitness
Get into the benefit threshold with results getting fitness.
and yes Pineapple is fun, funky and exciting!

Juice your body Up!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time is too precious to waste

Time is too precious to Waste

Yeah, you’re doing some ‘gym-work’ and some exercise. Now remember, or really I Know you don’t actually need reminding “time is too precious to waste”

Then cut the BS out with BS fitness

1. You have to get over a ‘threshold’ to achieve results.
2. Now, that’s not ‘no pain no gain’ – as pain is an important message mechanism from the body to highlight danger and damage
3. It does indicate ‘no discomfort, no excellence’ – ie. Challenging yourself to the next-level

This is highlighted by a recent study from Youngstown State University, and published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. In the study of 71 people there were 3 groups
a.) did nothing. The control group
b.) did 3 sets of 20reps of ab exercises three times a week
c.) did 3 sets of 20 reps, daily
None of the groups showed any significant in strength, reduction of their waist circumference or decreased bodyfat
Basically there wasn’t enough effect to force change. None of the groups had achieved the ‘benefit threshold’ to reap reward from their effort.

Imagine effort and no reward! Oh, a lot of you reading this are experiencing that. C’mon! time is too precious to waste. Up the intensity to get into the ‘benefit threshold’

The Pineapple secret… high-intensity, low-impact.
It’s a super-hard workout and a massage all combined
Juice your body up!

Time is too precious to waste