Monday, June 28, 2010

Soccer World Cup update

Very interesting to note: the 3 biggest let-down in terms of performance at the World Cup, has been the 3 teams with much vaulted array of stars in their teams
England, France & Italy.

The supposed array of talent within the team - certainly hasn't shone! as they are all now back at-home, nursing their egos.

* Winning is about SYNERGY

* The sum of parts

Every thought about your workout - is it good some days and not on other? Is it because somedays more of the team in your body are working together?

*Really simple - just view your body like a team, and get everyone working together!

1. That's what we are - tonnes of cells, and just asking all the cells to work together.

2. Energizing, activating, encouraging each other.
Get the Juice

Enjoy a Pineapple workout, and win

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pineapple - Evolution of Fitness

We're always seeking the n'th degree - and want to simply share the mindset and tools we create to optimize this.

1. Evolution requires us to continually refresh our competitive advantage

2. To innovate forever is not an aspiration
**It's a design specification

3. It's not a strategy
**It's a requirement

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Happiness Fitness - research

Happiness & Fat Burning
Be Happy, Lose Weight – yeah, that’s certainly the answer.

Well it is the Solution
Research out of the Univ of Alabama released this week highlights how people that are depressed and unhappy gain weight.
The first step is to overcome depression!

Bio-Oscillation instantly boosts all your ‘feel-good’ and happy hormones!

It also then supercharges your muscles and ignites fat-burning
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Health! It’s all about circulation.
Our whole body system is based on circulation of blood around our body. Transporting, transferring, ferrying, carrying ‘goods’ to the various points of our body.

If we can accelerate our circulation we can immediately boost health with the faster, more efficient transport of goodness to our body, and removal of any trash and wates away and out of our body.
Bio-oscillation immediately galvanizes and boosts our circulation.
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Toolbox - toning shoes

Fitness is a mindset. A mindset to apply tools that will optimize your health.

The greatest tool is our body, and using it in movement to 'optimize health/fitness'

1. There is alot of recent coverage on 'toning shoes'
a.) Indeed there is over $150MM sold last year (An 8-fold increase from the previous year)

2. Now - there are certainly benefits with these shoes
a.) BUT - remember, they are a tool
b.) A tool assisting your mindset to 'optimize your health/fitness'
c.) Not a substitute or magic solution.

3. Just buying a pair of 'toning shoes' doesn't get you in Tone
a.) And even using them, is remember a tool on the way to improving your tone.

The more muscle you move and the more range you move that muscle in - is the simple solution to getting into Optimum TONE.

The most efficient and effective method is moving as greatly as possible for a few minutes at a time. Literally, just play as hard as you can for a few minutes at a time
*Benefit Intensity


Monday, June 14, 2010

Cell optimization

Cancer patients talk about their "Day Zero" - the day they have a significant cell transplant.
a.) basically meaning new cells are 'born' into their body

Amazing, that these cells then begin working and flourishing in that person's body - igniting fresh life.

Everything is the same
a.) Whether - you just receive an injury, and you need to recover then optimize the cells

Or how about if you're already in a fit-state? how about optimizing those cells further.

Yeah - it's all the same
#1 - it's all about your cells
#2 - you can optimize those cells function, no matter what level on the spectrum you're at



What happens when you stretch? Normally – your cells ‘tighten’ fearing as they are being separated from some of their friends. Eventually they calm down, and let the stretch take place.
With Bio-Oscillation – the cells are immediately told that there is going to be some stretching and they are going to be separated from their friend. This encourages the stretch, and even energizes it further.
You get stretchier immediately!

Recent research from the American Journal of Physiology - highlights that being stretchy, reduces your risk of injury by 176%

Get the Juice!

Cellular Fitness

The Root of it.
We’re trillions of cells.

I Was moving a lot of things today. 2 people were assisting me.
One was very helpful - One wasn’t

One looked great - One just more regular

The more regular looking assistant was helpful. His muscles were functionally supercharged.
The other had ‘prettier’ muscle, but they had little functional use.

How can that be?
It’s all about the cells!
The cells need to actually do their job, not just the cells on the outside looking pretty, but all the cells in the ‘engine-room’ aswell.

When your cells are working optimally - you'll feel Amazing

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happiness Fitness

It's very, very simple


1. sit down, think about it
a.) that's all we actually want.

2. That's the reason behind everything
a.) From buying a car, having a meal, surfing a wave, winning a cup...

a.) You want to Look better
b.) You want to perform better

Just get some Juice
ENjoy FEELING BETTER immediately

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mistake, don't worry - Juice!

What happened when you make a mistake? Some of your cells have fallen asleep. You need to energize, synchronize them, and then get them communicating smartly with other cell networks in your body.


Get a blast of Juice!
a.) Pineapple technology automatically boosts your neuro-ability
b.) Galvanizing your neurokinetic netowrk

Just get a quick Supercharge!

Enjoy the Juice energizing through your core, empowering your mind and powering up your body.
*** Synergized collaboration of all the cells in your body 'juicing' into Union!

Where are you Going

Here's an interesting fact - A plane traveling cross country is off-course 80% of the time and still makes it to it’s destination because the pilot knows where the destination is, and makes constant corrections.

How much awareness do you have with your body. How intuitive are you making corrections.

How’s your Form?

What do you feel – when you exercise

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sinatra Fitness

The Classic "My Way"

1. that's the way forward!

2. There are principles, then the awareness and intuition only YOU can gain and control
a.) squat, lunge, push, pull, twist
b.) Benefit Intensity
c.) Sweetspot

3. that's the foundation for fitness success

4. You'll enjoy amazing results, and do it with fun - you're in charge

* it's your way


4-D Fitness

Yeah - the 4'th dimension is Cellular

1. Their amazing ability to 'speak' to other cells
2. To energize other cells
3. To synergize

Get Smart – fire up your neurons – so you have more cells speaking to each other.

a.) Literally you will become 'Smarter'
b.) amazing - do better fitness, get healthier, become SMARTER


We are Cells

yeah - trillions of them.

It's amazing how little is focussed on that.

1. Dynamic, 'friends' are all our cells.

2. We either are 'charging' them into optimum action, or slowly killing them!

Our health, our life, our existence on the planet is solely based on our cells (muscle, bone, brain, blood)

Get Cellular with your Fitness

Evolution of Fitness

1. BodyPArt training
2. Cross-training
3. Core training
4. Functional training
Next evolvement is
5. "proprioception" is the latest buzz

Go beyond.

*It's all about AWARENESS

* The real secret is the Awareness-Appreciation cycle
a.) The more AWARE you are, the more you APPRECIATE
b.) vice-versa at infinitum
...The essence of success, happiness and optimizing life


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life...(part 2)

1. Be Famous

a.) Make a name
b.) Make money

The photo is from Oahu, and yeah - it's a Pineapple field.

I'm Captain Pineapple, and am going to make people live fit, healthy and happy lives - all from fun express workout's.
(No treadmills, no weights, No BS)


Research Update - get protein in your diet

Get some Protein in your diet!
Latest research shows that HSP10 - a specific protein makes your muscles recover more quickly and is an Anti-Aging solution as it resists damage to your body!

So forget the lotions from the beauty bar, the #1 Anti-Aging solution is getting good nutrition and getting a great workout:
** Anti-Aging #1 – Keep your muscle!
One of the greatest factor’s is maintaining muscle function. Keep and boost strength of the tissue, nourish and rejuvenate it.
Very easy – Just JUICE it up with a Pineapple workout: Training from the cells out.

what is Life

What is Life
Could you classify it as a series of

What do you draw from the above

Are you energized and optimized?