Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ponder This #3

Your brain emits enough power to light up a lightbulb

1. Every action starts with a thought.
a.) Get into your 'Brain Fitness' - that's the secret to success

Be Juiced!

Ponder This #2

You use 200 muscles to make a single step

1. Your are totally synergized and sychronized.
a.) For optimum sports and fitness result, make your exercises by design involve as many muscles as possible
b.) ie. 'single movement' exercise it utter BS (even those of massively multi-muscle!)

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Ponder This #1

Nerve Impulses travel around your body at nearly 200mph!

1. Neurokinetic training is the fastest way to improve your fitness and sports performance!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


1. One of the big secret's of 'doing' is actually 'starting'
Now, I know this sounds incredibly obvious, but I know you know how many times you've put something off.


* Yeah, cut out the Bullshit
a.) If it's so great
b.) and you know how valuable it is for you- then why wait!

Show-up & Start.

1. Now, the fitness world is world-class for this.
a.) Actually just showing up, is possibly the biggest key to success!

are you going to start?

Be Juiced!

Monday, December 20, 2010

less is more

The less we have, the more we make of it.

think about it...
a.) Money
b.) Time
c.) Food

What about your training.

I bet you're enamoured with the bullshit mythical one hour of training, or even a lunatic aiming for more than an hour.

Get over it
In fact - be really tough, and limit yourself to only 30 minutes (start to end, activation/cool-down, the whole shebang)
Yup - toughen-up
Get everything done in less than 30 minutes.

You can then send me a Christmas card next year, thanking me


Cheetah's way to Fat-Burning Bonanza

it's not Cheating to use the secret's of a Cheetah!

A cheetah does very intense, fun activity (charging after 'prey') then spends the rest of the day chillin' and eatin'

a.) Have you ever seen a fat Cheetah?

Be Juiced! Get PineappleFit (the not 'secret' secret to fat-burning bonanza

Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 days of Christmas

My gift to you to signify the 12 days of christmas, and heck I'll give it to you all in one wallop!
Here's 12 common fitness mistakes you've probably made this last year, and 12 easy solutions! Boom-Boom

1. Working out - just to work out
a.) Training is training - it must be at Benefit Intensity
b.) If it's not at Training Intensity, just chill or do whatever fun movement you fancy, just don't call it 'working-out' - it's movement/sport/fun

2. Moving in One-plane
a.) 3-d movies and TV's are the big thing! Yeah the world is 3-d
b.) Do all your training in 3-planes! 3-D

3. Ab Obsession
a.) And cursed 'crunches' - the single most idiotic exercise on the planet!
b.) Work every muscle of your midsection. You have sides, back and front!

4. Pretending you're too busy/no time
a.) Cut out the BS
b.) There's a Biological Ceiling, no-one on the planet can do more than 30mins
c.) In reality 99.9% that's about 20 mins

5. Taking it Too Easy
a.) You must achieve 'Benefit Intensity' to get results
b.) That's not pain, it's just a fun, challenging level

6. Going Long & Slow to burn calories
a.) stop being conned by the moron manufacturers with their 'fat-burn' buttons on 'cardio eqpt'
b.) Crank up your Metabolism with Intensity & Intervals

7. Training on Empty
a.) Go for a drive in your car with no gas? Of course not
b.) get some fruit, a protein shake or some oatmeal in you

8. Not doing Resistance training
a.) Have you got 'cardio-fever'
b.) Exercise is simply muscle mass being moved through muscle range
c.) Resistance training recruits more muscle mass
d.) Everything is some form of resistance. Amplify it!

9. Stretching Cold
a.) Have you seen a Motor Race, and the incredible detail to keep the tyres warm!
b.) Get your blood flowing before any stretching!

10. Skipping Recovery
a.) One of the most important parts of a sports team is the recovery people
b.) You can't improve if you're not recovered or fresh.
c.) Blood-flow is the secret

11. Living in the Gym
a.) The Gym is Pseudo-world
b.) Nothing takes place in the gym. Get real-world, Be functional with all your application of your precious training time

12. Obsessing with Score
a.) A number is an arbitary value
b.) Cherish your intuition
c.) Explore and adventure your own body

Happy Christmas
Be Juiced!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Nuts

A great choice of snack - look for these at your christmas parties/events

A little monster of nutrition, that’s power-packed for energy, strength and protective qualities. Almonds have been proven to reduce cholesterol, heart-disease and aid weight-management

An anti-oxidant energy boost! Cashews are a turbocharged with mineals.

Rivals fruit for antioxidant power! Peanuts are also packed with protein, plus fats that help you lose fat!

Pumpkin seeds
Great for your prostate and bone strength. Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of minerals plus protein.

Sesame seeds
A special protector with its high concentration of phyosterols, that in particular help reduce cholesterol. Sesame seeds are a very good source of the minerals that protect your bone and joint fitness.

Sunflower seeds
Hunger-busting anti-oxidant hero! Sunflower seeds have an excellent source of vitamin and minerals

Be as tough as a walnut, with this protector, and brain booster. Walnuts have an amazing quality of omega-3’s, phytochemicals and select minerals

essential time

Do as little as essential, not as much as possible!

a.) the secret is Benefit Intensity to achieve
b.) in the 'sweetspot' of time

The new rule for fitness is 3:95
3% of your effort gets 95% of results.

Be an early adopter. Don't wait 10 years for everyone to be doing it

Get PineappleFit
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

Make sure your fitness training is 'organic', natural movements
Make sure your intuition is driving the process.
Be inspired
Be Yourself
Be Juiced!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Secret to Life
1. Just answer the question
"What's essential to you"

2. All your answer and actions will come from there.

Fitness & Fun Movement is essential to my life and lifestyle.
Get PineappleFit
Be Juiced

Winter's here: enjoy the mountains! This is me in beautiful Mammoth!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

YOU & Time

Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to:-
Leonardo da Vinci
Mother Teresa

Why be less than you can possibly be?
Be more. Be great.
Become YOU!

Be Juiced!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

You are the Boss

Are you a great boss or a shocking boss?

1. Think about the negative talk, and feedback you give yourself
2. Or think about the amazing inspiration, encouragement and spark of confidence you galvanize yourself with.

YOU are the Boss

What are you like?

Enjoy the adventure. Excite with the Journey
Amplify, Galvanize, Optimize

Be Juiced!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Eating

I've just been reading a number of articles - about magic strategies for 'holiday-season' eating.
a.) don't let food touch your plate
b.) eat with your non-dominant hand
... they go on and on

BS - get over it!

Have fun, and just learn self-responsibility!
shifting the blame elsewhere, and thinking there's some funky magical 'thing'
Hey - if you have one-day gorging yourself crazy - enjoy it! then get onto knowing and acting on the potential ramifications.

Up your activities (with fun & vigor)

Be Juiced! Be in the Now, be realistic

Top Fruits

In no specific order



Well, we're fully into December and the Holiday Season now - so tonnes of yummy food around.

I've been working on a fabulous list of amazing food (Superfoods) - to help you with your nutrition.

I did a 5-part Evaluation:
*ONE: ‘Food from the Land’ – It must be a whole, natural food, that hasn’t been highly-processed or contain any artificial ingredients

**TWO: The Food must be super-nutrient dense. ‘Nutrient-dense’ is the simple analysis of the number of nutrients in ratio to the number of calories. Ie. High nutrient density is when nutrients are high in relationship to low calories.
You get all your essential nutrients for the least number of calories. (Maximum bang for your buck!)

***THREE: They have to be widely available, ie. common ‘everyday’ foods, that you will be familiar with. (Some supersonic food from the Amazonian forests can sound great, but if the reality is you can’t get access to it – then it’s not a solution!

****FOUR: Plus are Affordable, so you can easily action it into your lifestyle, and not be a luxury treat. Solutions are consistent and constant actions! Be aware to season’s and proximity of the source to ensure the ‘price’ doesn’t get warped.

*****FIVE: And Taste Great. Hey, this gives with Principle x – ‘Use your Brain’ If you don’t enjoy it, you never going to do it forever.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Get ready for a whole new way to 'crush it'!

Stay ready...