Wednesday, August 19, 2009


1. Once you have defined your destination
It's all about the ACTION

2. Staying with the plan that's going to achieve it.

Once more time - this is Very Importnat

Setting a goal is not the main thing. Deciding how you'll go about achieving it and staying with that plan is the secret

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Light your body-up!
(sounds a little like the current Nike advert, hyperIZE..!)

A flame when lit doesn't lose it's light, when it lights up another flame.

When the cells in your body get activated, they don't 'turn-off' when they light up a neighbouring cell.
1. They're energized
2. They galvanize to seek another cell to 'light-up"
3. Creating amazing synergy

Start activating your body. Energize your cells. they're all looking to be "lit" and share to synergize even more energy!

(ever wonder why the people that do the best always seem to have the most energy... because there's synergy with activation of cells in their bodies.)

Juice your Body Up - for the most activating and energizing of fitness

Sailing and Advancing

"A ship in port is safe home, but that not what ship's are for. They are designed to transport to fresh lands. Sail out to sea and do new things."

What are you doing that's new?

Are you Juicing up your body with Pineapple?
1. It's new
2. And it's new for your body every training session
3. As it forces you to constantly 'sail out to sea' and adventure to fresh lands.

Juice your Body Up

Friday, August 14, 2009


Simplicity is always such a key foundation for success.

How do we create progression though?

1. Complexity is the key to progression

2. Complexity creates additional factors and 'overload' opportunities, that will force you to develop new abilities/skills/powers

3. We are such complex dynamic systems - that the progression possibility in a training-sense is endless.

4. The key outcome - is to then be able to perform at seeming simplicity.
a.) Look at a great sportsperson performing at it looks simple.
b.) It's actually amazingly complex, but their achievement level is so high, that they can perform with seeming simplicity.
c.) (they're actually seeking even greater complexity (if needed) to ensure victory.
d.) Think of Kobe shooting the amazing shots he does. It looks fairly simple for him. He's prepared for even greater complexity to ensure victory.
e.) ie. even more challenging twist, off-balance and still he gets the shot off and into the basket!

So how do you progress with your Fitness?
Make it more complex

Make more 'things' work at once

*Combine as many muscle groups as possible
*Work through as large a range as possible
*Activate as much muscle fiber as possible

Once you've done this
* Add mental challenges aswell!

Juice your Body Up!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the Time Machine


What price are you paying for not converting spent time into invested time? Time is more than money, it's success.

How was your workout today?
... no time...

I've just had an amazing 10-minute workout.

You need to set aside 20 minutes, 3x week to be in great shape

Success starts with attitude. Is your attitude to "Juice" up with Pineapple technology.
Pineapple will give you optimum return on your valuable time - that's why it's called the Time Machine


What's your method?

1. Defending the status quo
2. Or searching and seeking

In many scenarios, people utilize the first method. I challenge that it's defensive and STATIC.
a.) Static leads to 'death'

I challenge you to embrace the search and seek.
* Galvanize a competitive spirit in you.
** Adventure to fresh territories!

yeah - that's Pineapple-style.
Activating and amplifying
It optimizes whatever the particular exercise you are doing, and takes you on an adventure to fresh territory.

Remember, treasure island isn't in the next door cul-de-sac it's slightly hidden, waiting to be discovered.

Challenge to find the secret treasures in your body.
Pineapple simply forces that to happen
just JUICE!