Friday, December 30, 2011

Clean House

Year is closing...

get ready to ignite Twenty12

1. Clean-out first!

2. You wouldn't choose to drink from a dirty cup

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Take flight...
rise above your habitual way of thinking

experience fresh insight

Fireman's approach to Fitness

When a fire is burning...firemen get it done!

1. They immediately coordinate their actions, make decisions and save lives!


No 'meeting's' to gab-at, and shy away from taking responsibility

(it's frightening: our distance from action and pretend-action
"why bother going to a meeting if you're not prepared to change your mind?" To which I'd add, "Don't bother having a meeting if you're not there to change or make a decision right now."

Just like Firemen, charge into action!

What's the fire burning in you...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


if you have a chance to help others, and fail to do so - then you're wasting your time on this planet!

What are YOU doing?

Up an at em

Friday, December 23, 2011

Time to Reflect

Christmastime is great for that.

Fascinating fresh research
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2011, 8:94
highlights that are behaviour is most dominated by desire to improve our lifestyle (not necessarily our health)


the reason for exercise (& fitness actions) is to feel amazing!
PS. luckily - that will also lead to amazing health result
the essence is to feel amazing
and all the lifestyle connotations that arise from that.

Up an at em!

Monday, December 19, 2011

'Fat-Cat' Society

Here we are closing in on the end of another year.
Wow - it's crazy to think
a.) we have more access to fitness 'info' and resource
b.) yet are the fattest society (probably ever!)


Are we a 'fat-cat' society?
1. The Fat-cat’s (the so-named) top of the food-pile
a.) have exorbitant access to food
b.) Indulged in array of luxury (do it for me) items - ‘remote-control culture’
c.) and are waited on hand & foot (so they sit and do nothing!)

***You have to be fat: to be a fat-cat

2. Bottom of the food chain - conversely are

3. So what's left is the middle
a.) aspiring to either be a 'fat-cat' or get as far away as possible from the 'bottom'

4. The Upper-Middle
a.) aspiring to Fat-Cat
Being fat is the ‘chase’ and seemingly the 'status-impression' to exude

5. Lower-Middle
‘getting away’ from the bottom & their thin-look

a.) then aspiring to be fat
to transfer towards upper-middle & Fat-cats

makes you think doesn't it...

Monday, December 12, 2011

YOU & YOUR 'words'

Each of us believe what we hear ourselves say!

a.) take control of your life, mood, action, existence!

What are you saying to yourself?

Genes: excuse & the smoking gun

Genetics loads the gun - but you and your environment pull the trigger!

1. You can have certain genes in your body
a.) but a gene can only turn on/off
b.) It doesn't decide
c.) you DO
d.) by creating/being in an 'environment' that forces the gene to be turned on.

2. for example
a.) you might have the 'gene' that makes you fat
b.) it's up to you -whether that is turned on/off
c.) if you create the 'enviroment' where you are eating v.unhealthy foods - then obviously that gene gets turned ON.
d.) vice-versa

YOU decide!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fitness Myths: walking won't do much to help you lose weight


Walking may not increase your sprinting speed & power, but taking extra steps every day can have an important cumulative calorie-burning effect. A 2009 study in the *American Journal of Clinical Nutrition* found that healthy adults ages 19 to 30 who were car-happy gained up to 15 pounds more over a 15-year period than those who used their own two feet more often to get around.

To motivate yourself to walk more, invest in a pedometer. A 2007 study in the *Journal of the American Medical Association* determined that using a pedometer can lead to significant decreases in body-mass index and blood pressure. Aim for 10,000 steps daily, That's two and half miles of walking, which means you'll burn an extra 250 calories everyday.

walk to a coworker's cubicle instead of e-mailing, trading in the elevator for the stairs, and parking at the farthest corner of the mall lot.

Look at evolution. Our main form of transport has been walking. Even with the high-tech world we live. Walk to the bus/train/subway – even cycle to work if you get the opportunity.

Fitness Myths: you can spot-reduce fat


Many peopl spend too much of their exercise-time doing a bazillion crunches in pursuit of rock-solid abs or banging out hundreds of reps on the inner and outer thigh machines to melt away stubborn fat pockets. But the only way you can spotreduce is with liposuction.

When you exercise, your body taps into energy stores from everywhere, not just one place. So by overexercising one area of your body, you only raise the risk of suffering an injury.

Fitness Myths: you need to cut carbs & fat to lose weight


Most get-thin-fast plans revolve around the idea that restricting your intake of one particular nutrient, usually carbs or fat, is the best way to lose weight.

But the results of a 2009 New England Journal of Medicine study suggest otherwise. For two years, participants followed one of four calorie-restricted diets with varying amounts of carbs, protein, and fat. After 24 months, all participants lost about the same amount of weight (just nine pounds).

This study proves that calories are the most important factor for weight loss. To lose weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you burn—regardless of what percentage of carbs, protein, or fat you're eating.

Gimmicky diets just distract us from this simple truth.

Fitness Myths: mini meals are best


Many dieters believe eating several small meals a day is a guaranteed way to quash hunger. But scientists have not turned up substantial evidence that eating frequency really matters, according to a review of research by scientists at Newcastle University and Griffith University in Australia.

In fact, a 2009 study with more than 10,000 subjects reported that between-meal nibblers were 69 percent more likely to pack on pounds over five years. Frequent noshing only works if you choose nutritious foods and control portion sizes.
After all, it's not hard to turn six small meals into six large ones.

Again, it all comes back to calories. "You can eat three times a day or 10, as long as you have the same caloric intake that will induce weight loss," says Australian researchers

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's all in your head

Amazing new research

proving - it's all in your head.

It's all about the neurokinetics
the neuromuscular action.

are you training with this knowledge?
get Juiced up

fitness - a pain in the ass?

Fitness - a pain in the ass


Not only does fitness help sculpt beautiful buns.

1. More importantly as prehab to stop a whole heap of pain.

2. Pain literally is from your butt.
a.) ..."pain in the Butt"

3. Your body is a dynamic system
a.) A very prime area of action is your Butt (your gluteus muscles)
b.) If these work correctly, then your hips are stable, your core stable, your shoulders stable etc...

4. So when there is a problem, your butt is a the route of it all!

Pineapple is the king of Butt activation. Engaging and actioning all your muscle.
Ensuring both safety and beauty
oh... and in ultra-quick time!

Holiday Season Action


simple little recipe for success.

We at Pineapple are super excited to be a massive part of the delicious recipe and meal of success for you. Get ready for an amazing Twenty12

1. Functional, fun movements - natural and scalable to everyone

2. Less than 30 minutes to achieve the absolute optimum peak of your fitness

3. Juicing your mind, body and mood

Up an at em!

Time & Energy

Time is finite, Energy can be expanded

Do you respect time?
Do you waste or Optimize?

Do you ‘adventure’ with energy?
Do you waste or Optimize?

I’ve just had a walk with Kona (the Pineapple Uber-HUND) – beautiful sunshine, fantastic vistas. What an expanse of energy!
a.) The joy and kinetic dynamism of Kona chasing her tennis ball
b.) The heat warmth and solar energy from the Sun
c.) The audio energy from birds
d.) The visual energy from the surrounding landscape
e.) The nutritious energy from the chunks of pineapple fruit I was chewing

I further spent the time sharing, caring and enjoying

1. What about working-out
2. Does your workout respect time?
3. Does it ensure ultimate efficiency
4. Does it expand your energy

The Pineapple technology is an energy transfer device (think of the above scene with energy bombarding me.) This is exactly how the Pineapple Bio-oscillation works – bombarding your body with safe, comfortable energy stimulating all your systems

That’s why it becomes so time-efficient and amazingly ultra-effective.

Are you Juicing?
It you want Optimum lifestyle…