Saturday, February 28, 2009


Heard a fabulous story today.
1. Back in 1986 Sir Richard Branson gave an interview, saying he was going to put every album and record in the Virgin Record label into a small box with headphones, which people could then listen to any song.
a.) it was April Fool's day - and everyone thought he was just joking

2. Fifteen years later Apple sold its first iPOD

3. Pineapple states you can achieve optimum health with a 15-minute 'workout'

Mark that to your calender


Friday, February 27, 2009


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad!

1. Life is a mix of science & Art.

2. Just like optimum training isn't discovered in a text book
a.) It's the wisdom of experience, intuition plus learned results.

Get Juicing!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

yes or NO

Actually NO is yes, as in "yes please" I want that!

1. NO is the chemical symbol for Nitric Oxide

2. NO is a very valuable compound in our bodies.
a.) Which pharmaceutical companies haven't yet been able to replicate without side-effects

3. The only 'current' way it is produced is via exercise

4. OR just sitting/lying in a Pineapple Sofa chair
a.) That's why they're called Fitness Furniture!
b.) (Of course exercising on a Pineapple, further creates more benefit)

5. Nitric Oxide
a.) Is an anti-inflammatory
b.) Improves neurological communication in your body
c.) Improves learning

It's the NO you will be saying YES to!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the road, forgot your Modahl

This isn't obviously quite the same as some static or super-slow on the PRO or Modahl, but highlights the evidence of quality training you achieve with Isometric training

Barak, Y., M. Ayalon, and Z. Dvir (2004). "Transferability of Strength Gains from Limited to Full Range of Motion". American College of Sports Medicine. 36(8):1413-1420.

Isometric is when you hold the muscle position still, contracting it against another force.
a.) eg the classic wall sit.

I recommend you try and achieve 100 secs of work per exercise.
a.) Break it into portions if need be
b.) just keep the intensity!

This is a great workout for inside a hotel room, even in the bathroom of the hotel room for more privacy if you're sharing the room.

Keep it short and intense


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


yeah - we all want to be "King of the castle", in some way shape or format.

1. You can't build a castle on sand!
a.) In fact you can't build much at all on sand - and nothing that you want to last!

2. It's all about the FOUNDATION



3. Are you practicing it
a.) or just dreaming about castles, and playing in the sand!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Fitness Darwinism

Safe to say - the shoulder is designed to rotate!

Are you doing Rotation training?
How is your Rotation Fitness program?

Optimum if you're using an UBER (

Das is Gut!

1. darwinism "evolution based on the progression of those best able to survive and compete"

2. Part of Fitness Darwinism is ROTATION FITNESS

Optimize your lifestyle into the 22'nd Century

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Muscle (part 2)

There are 2 types of strengthening
a.) Sarcoplasmic
b.) Myofibril

a.) SARCOPLASMIC - this is where blood flows into a muscle, and leaves a displacement of toxins, minerals and anything else carried by the blood, giving an appearance of BULK. This is associated with typical forms of weight strength training.

b.) MYOFIBRIL - this is when new muscle fibers are created, by cell division. There is not a bulky effect, and the effects are permanent

1. Pineapple is founded on Myofibril strengthening
2. Ensuring you achieve your Genetic Potential: being as strong as you can be.
3. With complete strengthening of your muscle, skeleton plus tendons and ligaments

(Pineapple is unique in that for those that choose, they can also achieve sarcoplasmic effect by lifting weights whilst also on the Pineapple Bio-oscillation technology)

Pineapple! It's juicing without the steroids!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clean and Lean

Regular Pineapple clients often refer to their training effect flourishing them as Clean and Lean!

A major part of this – is Pineapple’s unique ability to stimulate your Lymphatic System

1. Your lymphatic system is a very close mirror of your blood system, with the major difference is that it circulates around your body to remove waste (& toxins) – whereas your blood system transports nutrient and oxygen
2. It is a vital system that acts as trash removal for you.

Hence the CLEAN feeling you experience after the Pineapple.

Get Juiced!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Human Chemistry

“The Benefits of exercise are hormetic”
Defining Hormeses. Human and Experimental Toxicology 21:91-91 (2002) Calabrese & Baldwin

Ie. There is a threshold of intensity that must be broached to gain benefit.

That benefit is not increased with increased effort.

That’s why Pineapple is the ultimate fusion of ancient tradition and the most cutting edge sports science and creation of technology.

The secret to an effective workout is the intensity you train at.

The magic is if you can achieve this 'softly' - ie. with low impact


Thursday, February 19, 2009

V.short, high Intensity

More science to back the Pineapple system, and disprove the anarchistic methods propagated currently

Extremely short duration high intensity interval training substantially improves insulin action in young healthy males
Timmons et al.
BMC Endocrine Disorders 2009, 9:3

1. The test: 6 x 30 secs full-body "sprint" every other day for 2 weeks
2. Results were highly significant improvement in their metabolic functioning

Yes you can lose massive amounts of fat, in a very small period of time


The secret is to do the intense work safely!
Do it with JUICE! the low impact, high intensity workout

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working out with a Trainer

Supervised exercise versus non-supervised exercise for reducing weight in obese adults.
Nicolaï SP et al
J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2009 Mar;49(1):85-90.

1. Group with a trainer v's Group that had fitness advice ONLY

2. Group with a trainer lost 362% more fat over a 4-month period

What's your GOAL?

What are prepared to expend to ACHIEVE


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A fair while back - scientists began looking at dead humans (ie. cadavers) to examine the functioning of the body.
1. One 'discovery' was that the abdominal muscles 'appeared' to work and flex the spine - ie. a slight rounding of the spine
a.) Crunch exercise became the 'de-rigeur' of ab-training

2. 'Core' training then started to take-over from "Crunch" abdominal training with the revelation that actually the Abs main function was to STABILIZE the spine (otherwise you couldn't maintain a vertical position and would flop!)
a.) This became intertwined with the next revelation, that the muscles in your lower back were 'intertwined' in function with your Abs (and hence should be worked in concert aswell!)

3. This is where the "Core training" phenomena took off from, and derives all its programming from trying to maintain a "Stable" strong CORE (or midsection)

4. Pineapple is OPTIMUM CORE training
a.) Not only does every muscle in your mid-section have to be activated (ie. forced to try and STABILIZE) when you are on the Pineapple - which is what every style of traditional 'core training' tries and do (albeit not as successfully as the Pineapple, as the Pineapple forces more activation through the sub-conscious reflexes that are forced)
b.) The Pineapple also works through your TRUE CORE (your spinal column) - as the Pineapple supercharges your entire Nervous System aswell, boosting your neurological function

5. that's why we call Pineapple - CORE FOUNDATION FITNESS
a.) it is the start point of any level of fitness results you want to achieve


Friday, February 13, 2009


1. The Boss!

2. There are five main areas that all work together creating messages to send to the body

3. The messages are sent via your NERVOUS SYSTEM
a.) Which are sent down through your SPINAL COLUMN

4. The Nervous System
a.) is made up of millions & millions of neurons - which are microscopic cells
b.) Each neuron has branches that come of it, so it can connect with other neurons
c.) When you're born - you have all the neurons you'll ever need, but not many of them are connected
d.) As you learn and do things, these neurons eventually get connected to form pathways

Pineapple activates and amplifies this effect!


At Pineapple we talk about CORE FOUNDATION FITNESS
a.) because the Pineapple uniquely actions your entire CORE
b.) Not just your abs and midsection, BUT your entire Nervous System

PINEAPPLE works every muscle and every system


Thursday, February 12, 2009


A little physiology, to answer alot of questions I get posed

1. There are 639 muscles in the body

2. the biggest is your butt (or "bum" for other english-persons out there!)
a.) Or for those stuck into too many physiology books - "Gluteus maximus" (who isn't a Gladiator or mate of Russell Crowe)

3. The job of a muscle is to move your body. Without muscles you couldn't move your skeleton. There would be no way to action your physical body or even speak your mind. You wouldn't be able to blink, digest your food, breathe, pump your heart or have one for that matter since your heart is a muscle. You couldn't smile, urinate, defecate or sniff with your nose!
a.) "Looks like Muscle is King!"

4. There are 3 types of muscle tissue
a.) Smooth - which is involuntary, ie. it works without your conscious control
b.) Striated - which is voluntary, ie. it works when you tell it to
c.) Cardiac - basically is the heart

5. If you don't use a muscle you will lose it.
a.) muscle is made up of sarcomeres, tiny itsy pieces of the muscle. If these are regularly used, they are LOST!

6. Muscle are spoken to by the Nervous System (NS)
a.) Peripheral NS for conscious control
b.) Central NS for involuntary

Yes - using Pineapple you can exercise all your muscles


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are certainly amazing views when you get to the top of a mountain.

There are also many, many ways to get to the top

There is a fun - in exploring these...
**** As long as you get to the TOP!!!!!

I look at fitness training in the same way. There is no single route to the top
a.) There are certainly more challenging and risky, or easier and simple
b.) The bottom-line is certainly getting to the TOP though

Just like Fitness
a.) The end result is the bottom-line

1. Pineapple optimizes any "route" you choose to climb to the top

2. We also have some ideas to help ensure the smoothest, safest journey to the top aswell

Come and Juice
"it's zero-impact Plyometrics!"

"it's like a massage and a workout!"


Monday, February 9, 2009


Standing on a pair of skis, Looking down a mountain, there is alot of risk...
There's also alot of reward!

1. What's your appetite for risk?

2. What's your desire for reward?

3. There is certainly a high desire for reward.
a.) How strong is your stomach for risk
b.) Or have you crafted the knowledge that can reduce risk

4. reducing the risk, especially when there appears great amounts, and the risk is intertwined to high reward is a strong skill

5. Most forms of training have high risk associated, as you stress your body to adapt.
a.) particularly "Plyometrics" which has been an integral part of elite athletes training regimes.

6. Pineapple is "zero-impact Plyometrics"
a.) High reward,
b.) In what appears to be high risk
c.) But with superbly crafted 'knowledge" it is actually very low risk

Now you can have the thirst for reward, without having to bloat yourself with risk!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Everything is really like a big Rheostat.

1. If it's turned right down, you say you can't see anything.
2. Slowly as it's turned on you can see more and more.

Just like in life. The more it "goes on inside you" - the clearer everything becomes.

I often refer this as the "awareness-appreciation-awareness-appreciation" cycle
3. The more aware we become, the more we appreciate, so we become even more aware etc...

Are you turning the rheostat up?

(In all areas of your life?)
*** Pineapple's primary focus is on your health & fitness. Which with the unique Bio-Oscillation technology can activate more muscle and more systems than ever before.
This then becomes the platform for even further "awareness & appreciation" of you yourself and the opportunities that you can achieve to further optimize your life.

Get Juicing

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


You only have to commit less than 1% of your week with Pineapple to look great and feel amazing.

Look years younger
Have incredible sex
Enjoy sport and activities
Shred unwanted fat
Boost your brain power
Uplift your mood
Be healthy and wealthy.

All you have to do, is less than 1% of your week. One to One and half hours a week in total!

Do you want it?

Less than 1% of your week.
Look great - feel amazing!


Monday, February 2, 2009


Congrat's to the Steelers to a great Super Bowl win.

1. You have to think ONE to get to WON

2. The Power of ONE
a.) You (ONE person) have to believe in yourself to be able to make the difference to achieve the status of WON.

3. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes - believed all week, he had a performance in him to win the Super Bowl, and also be the MVP. His outstanding play highlighted that.
a.) Similarly "Big Ben" who marshalled the winning drive - and showed incredible belief to throw that touchdown pass over triple coverage

What are you doing to create that belief

Does your fitness conditioning workout every muscle, every system?


Sunday, February 1, 2009


a. See your target
b. Keep your target in your sights
c. Keep 'hitting' it until you achieve it.

There are 5 key laws to ensure you achieve your target
1. The law of straight lines - ie.Understanding the most efficient solution is a straight line between you and your desired action
2. The law of clear vision - ie. A very clear concpet of exactly what you want to achieve
3. The law of focussed attention - ie. a laser zone into only your target.
4. The law of focussed energy - ie. to galvanize all your input into your specific target
5. The law of action/reaction - ie. Everything you do either moves you nearer your target or further away.

The Pineapple target is to provide you with the core foundation.
a.) The base that will ensure you the platform to optimize
b.) Stimulating through your true CORE.
c.) To nourish the FOUNDATION of your body - your cells