Thursday, September 30, 2010


There's a great story - about some researchers from the Univ of Washington, and a study about Context

1. A violin player, with a antique stradivarius was in the Washington subway - playing music
a.) The odd person dropped a $,perhaps $2 into his hat
b.) Only one person - stopped and really admired, and that was a young girl

2. Now this Violin player - wasn't just any violin player - he was the legendary Joshua Bell!

3. After one hour of playing is total income was $32

4. The night before - he had played at the Washington Philharmonic, where gate receipts were 10,000 times more - $300,000!

5. It's all about the context - and how people place the context!

6. The young girl is interesting, because she didn't have any 'affected' context about someone playing music in a subway, and was just open to the sheer magic being played!

7. How do you place your Fitness in Context!

Remember you ONLY have one Body!
I bet you're spending lots more on things you will get rid of in a few years!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

big FAT cost

Study just released by the esteemed Medical division of George Washington University shows some very BIG FAT costs of being FAT.

1. And there are people out there, that say Fitness is intangible!
a.) Open your Wallet!

2. The costs of being FAT
a.) $4,879 annually for women
b.) $2,646 annually for men

3. For women - being Fat also reduced their wages
a.) with reduced salaries and reduced promotions

Monday, September 27, 2010


No it's NOT ahead.

It's Now, It's everything!
“Change is not an event. It’s a tiny decision made over and over again. Change isn’t once. It’s daily.”

How are you changing your fitness, your lifestyle...
Your level of fun

Doing is Definition

The age-old phrase - "you are what you eat!"

Well here's even more poignant

1. Literally

Have you got some movement in today?

Have you got your muscles into motion, galvanized with fun and adventure?

Up an at em

Friday, September 24, 2010

Obesity! Crush it

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) published its latest findings today.
Here's the shocking top 6 of Obese populations
#1 - Mexico
#2 - USA
#3 - NZ
#4 - Oz
#5 - UK
#6 - Canada

It rounded up the report by saying "the solutions for the obesity epidemic are not simple and within reach. Policy makers, doctors and other health professionals, as well as academics have a huge task ahead of understanding the epidemic and working out counter strategies that are effective"

1. I'm not sure whether I'm more disgusted by the pathetically high levels of obesity in these incredible countries (with almost every available resource and tool open to all)
2. Or the pathetic summary lacking any inspiration or action agenda

Perhaps that is the key

3. The Body is beautifully complex - that's the fun, adventure and journey of it
a.) However the foundation is simple!
b.) Move your body and Eat good Nutrition!

4. let's focus on the simplicity, and inspire actions

5. One of the problems with the human species is our love to over-complicate.
a.) Let's draw our inspiration from animals
b.) Their fun and freedom of movement
c.) Their natural and nourishing diet.

6. Yes, it's that simple
a.) choose to move for 3 minutes today! Do it as vigorously as you can with intuitive challenge & fun
b.) eat something - that was grown out of the ground, not processed in anyway.

Now you're starting to get Juiced!

Up an at em

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leo's Solution

Actually the Leo I'm really referring to is Leonardo Da Vinci (one of the all-time greats to walk this planet)
i think we all know his prodigious talents with art and invention, but not many people know his background.

1. His source of inspiration/education was in nature, animals, and personal fitness!

2. Exactly what we're trying to create with Pineapple
a.) A place where you explore you senses
b.) learn from 'movers' that have been around for millions of years (pretty good track-record)
c.) And give you ultra-quick and effective personal fitness

Get your juice!

A fit Child is a Smarter Child

A study from the Univ of Illionis by Chaddock et al. and published: Brain Res. 2010 Aug 21

** Highlights that special areas of the brain are over 12% bigger in fit children v's unfit children doing v.little activity!

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano (latin for A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY)

1. So not only is the child obesity epidemic about current healthcare costs

2. It's also about our future Knowledge-base
a.) Unless we get the kids fit
b.) then our future is full of dumb, overweight people
... not a vision I look to!

Let's get everyone Juiced Up

Fitness: It's Child's Play

1. PLAY being the operative word

2. Are you having fun & Play with your Fitness

3. very interesting to note
a.) Children have more brain cells than adults!
b.) Probably why they have more fun with their fitness
c.) they have more potential neurons at play!

Remember the simple guidelines to get your Juice
a.) 3 minutes
b.) benefit Intensity

Get Juiced!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fitness is like Brushing your Teeth #3

Now you're using the tools (ie. toothbrush, mouthwash etc...)

1. There's no one way to do it!

2. In fact - it's fun, there isn't

3. How did you brush your teeth this morning
a.) How did you swirl the mouthwash
b.) How did you put the toothpaste on the brush
c.) How did you floss

Enjoy adventuring your fitness with a zest of adventure, variety and play!

Get your Juice On

Every workout, has a fresh-taste to it

Fitness is like Brushing your Teeth #2

There's foundation principles, then tools to Optimize

1. Foundation principle is to remove 'dirt/waste' from around your teeth.
a.) You exercise at your teeth from all different angles to 'clean' them

2. Fitness foundation is to work every cell in your body (muscle, brain, blood, bone)
a.) You exercise all the different angles to 'workout'

3. Teeth-brushing you add
a.) Brush
b.) toothpaste
c.) Mouthwash
d.) Floss
(You could just try and use anything as your brush to scrub away at your teeth - but we've discovered an optimum tool a 'toothbrush' etc...)
These optimize the foundation principle. Giving the biggest bang for your buck. Making the process the ultimate in efficiency and effectiveness

Fitness is enjoying a Pineapple revolution now, as everyone is discovering. (You can just do any squat or push-up etc... but everyone is now discovering the addition of a Pineapple product to that foundation exercise)
You can now add
a.) Boxx
b.) Cable-Core
c.) Xbag
d.) UBER / Octopus
Letting you enjoy a workout of every cell in the ultimate efficiency and effectiveness.
Do all the foundation exercise, just have them supercharged with these tools

get your Juice

Fitness is like Brushing your Teeth

there's a

1. You have to 'give it' a certain 'amount to make it worthwhile'
a.) ie. you have to brush with a certain intensity to create benefit
b.) benefit intensity
c.) Trying to 'kill yourself' with the toothbrush is beyond 'benefit intensity' and is just crazy!

2. There's a sweet-spot of time
a.) Brushing for 5 minutes, isn't going to make them any cleaner.
b.) About 45 seconds does the perfect job

Can you brush your teeth?
well - you can get fit then!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brain Fitness

1. There are over 100 Billion Neurons in your Brain


Be Juiced!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Toning Shoes 2

Wow - seems everyone of the current 'big' shoe manufacturers is getting in on this gig. I was wandering through a sports store yesterday and astonished.

Astonished at the frightening mis-marketing taking place!

1. The message that wearing a pair of these 'toning shoes' is going to transform people into fitness.
a.) Cold hard fact - NO.

Juicy Facts
** It's all about movement. So if these shoes inspire someone into increased movement, then that's a fabulous positive step

** The shoes will actually injure the person in the long-term (and remember fitness is ONLY long-term, you only have one body! Fitness is a life-long journey!)
a.) It shuts down the neuromuscular pathways in their feet, and connections to the rest of their body, eventually causing muscular imbalance, excessive strains - resulting in injury
b.) Unless, of course, the individual used the shoes (because it inspired them to do more) - and then spend additional time doing specific corrective exercises!
c.) Yeah - you know how likely that is!
d.) Plus what inefficient time spent

Get your Juice On.
a.) Natural fitness
b.) in eXpress time
c.) that's fun, and instantly makes your daily actions easier.


1. You're Right!

amazingly simple.
a.) Whatever it is, whatever YOU believe, you're right.

That's what I call Yoga-Free MIND/BODY fitness

Are you Juiced

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Cherish, enjoy, smile at the moment you are Now.

Wisdom from your learnings
Inspire yourself into the future.

Love to all

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Double Fitness Results

Get Double the Bang for your Buck!

We all want that!

1. There's double the amount of stabilizer muscles in your body to primary muscles!

2. yeah - make sure all the stabilizer muscles are working in your workout & Bingo you've doubled your work

3. And here's the special kicker, it will feel better!
a.) Your movement will be more smooth, comfortable, pain-free

Double the bang for your Buck - and really with half the cost!

get your Juice!

Making Great Decisions

"No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently."
- Agnes De Mille

1. What great decisions have you made today?

2. How have you advanced your lifestyle?

Wasn't any great fanfare was there. No, exactly - just get on with it - and ENJOY.
Get your Juice

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fitness: To Change the World

I want to change the world!

Why? How.

Why? I love living & being totally fit. I want to adventure, play and discover more. I want the mechanism to allow me to do that exponentially and optimally, and flourish sharing that experience and fulfillment

I’m creating a company that offers better fitness products. One’s that's are more efficient, increase productivity, are safer, faster…we constantly are looking to improve.
That means the ability to change the world, Because capitalism and markets scale. The purchaser is enriched and the company is enriched – as more and more people become involved!
The purchaser and the company just get better!

Life to the n’th degree.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

getting Fit

"Doctors are men who prescribe medicine in which they know little
to cure diseases of which they know less
in human beings of which they know nothing"

1. You know yourself

2. You know good exercise and good food is the foundation answer to all

3. Intuitively begin moving. explore. have some 'play', enjoy it, galvanize to greater intensity

4. Start eating some 'good' foods - explore and adventure the exciting tastes, convert to more

Feel Juiced!
thrive daily

Thursday, September 2, 2010

But it's my Genes

Bollocks! - so yes you can fit into those jeans.

1. A study released this week from the Institute of Metabolic Science at Cambridge University
a.) Highlights that living an active lifestyle can reduce people's genetic predisposition to obesity by about 40 per cent

2. Crushing the view that exercise doesn't help people lose weight if they are genetically predisposed to obesity

Get your Juice!

Pineapple will accelerate that weight loss even further, as it's on the only exercise on the planet that works from your cells out

The Dynamic Secret

if it doesn't get movement/motion etc.. it will die.

1. that's a good asumption I think you agree with.
a.) ie. if something isn't given life (motion/movement) it will die.

2. that's why health/fitness is all about getting movement.

3. A v.interesting study presented this week by the USA Track & Field Association
a.) they have spent 2 years and studied almost 1400 participants, evaluating the merit of static stretching.
b.) They found that static stretching provided no value

4. It's static. It actually temporarily 'kills' the tissue

5. if you want to stretch - put some dynamic into it!

At Pineapple - every device we create is designed to be constantly dynamic!
It always keep you Juiced
Making you Stretchier!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do v's Don't

Find excuses v’s finding reasons

1. You know you should do great fitness and wellness things, but Don't

2. Here's the secret
***Imagine how you’re going to feel

It’s all feel
Fitness is intuition
Let yourself get it
Millions get it, they’re not weird, they just discovered it


Get Juiced! Be Supercharged


It's Bollocks - they shouldn't
There aren't rules to life - there are fundamentals and foundation points!

1. Fitness, which in its essence is Life - therefore is exactly the same.

2. Stop getting stuck-up on rules, and magic workouts - there aren't any!

** There is the fundamental movement of how your body is designed

** There is the foundation of progression, ie. overload to encourage your body to adapt to a new-level

That's it.
Trust your intuition
Galvanize your adventure
Get moving, and Have fun