Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Monday, January 3, 2011

Your Fitness Ladder to success in 2011

I reminder I posted in December, but something to 'get-at' right now here in the New Year. Boom-Boom explode FUN into your 20eleven success journey.

"Here's 12 common fitness mistakes you've probably made this last year, and 12 easy solutions! Boom-Boom

1. Working out - just to work out
a.) Training is training - it must be at Benefit Intensity
b.) If it's not at Training Intensity, just chill or do whatever fun movement you fancy, just don't call it 'working-out' - it's movement/sport/fun

2. Moving in One-plane
a.) 3-d movies and TV's are the big thing! Yeah the world is 3-d
b.) Do all your training in 3-planes! 3-D

3. Ab Obsession
a.) And cursed 'crunches' - the single most idiotic exercise on the planet!
b.) Work every muscle of your midsection. You have sides, back and front!

4. Pretending you're too busy/no time
a.) Cut out the BS
b.) There's a Biological Ceiling, no-one on the planet can do more than 30mins
c.) In reality 99.9% that's about 20 mins

5. Taking it Too Easy
a.) You must achieve 'Benefit Intensity' to get results
b.) That's not pain, it's just a fun, challenging level

6. Going Long & Slow to burn calories
a.) stop being conned by the moron manufacturers with their 'fat-burn' buttons on 'cardio eqpt'
b.) Crank up your Metabolism with Intensity & Intervals

7. Training on Empty
a.) Go for a drive in your car with no gas? Of course not
b.) get some fruit, a protein shake or some oatmeal in you

8. Not doing Resistance training
a.) Have you got 'cardio-fever'
b.) Exercise is simply muscle mass being moved through muscle range
c.) Resistance training recruits more muscle mass
d.) Everything is some form of resistance. Amplify it!

9. Stretching Cold
a.) Have you seen a Motor Race, and the incredible detail to keep the tyres warm!
b.) Get your blood flowing before any stretching!

10. Skipping Recovery
a.) One of the most important parts of a sports team is the recovery people
b.) You can't improve if you're not recovered or fresh.
c.) Blood-flow is the secret

11. Living in the Gym
a.) The Gym is Pseudo-world
b.) Nothing takes place in the gym. Get real-world, Be functional with all your application of your precious training time

12. Obsessing with Score
a.) A number is an arbitary value
b.) Cherish your intuition
c.) Explore and adventure your own body

Be Juiced!

Your Secret to Fitenss success in 2011


1. Simple, Easy solution.

2. Just make sure everything you do is powered by FUN.

3. It'll
a.) Inspire
b.) Motivate
c.) Encourage
...and make sure you do it.

Up an at em
Be Juiced!